Club Penguin Thin Ice Cheats

Thin Ice is one of the arcade games on Club Penguin. It’s located at the Dance Lounge. In this game you only use your arrow keys. You move the Puffle around the ice tiles.

The more tiles you go over the more coins you will earn. The same goes for money bags.

The ice tiles with a square on them can be gone over twice.

Green tiles are a one time use teleport.

For some levels you will need a key.

Once you get the key you can open the lock.

The tiles that have a dark blue center can be pushed around.

On the 19th level there is a secret level.

If you follow the line I drew you’ll be able to get a money bag coin bonus:

One thing you want to avoid is falling in the water.

At the top of each level there is a status bar that says what level you are on, how many tiles you’ve been on in the overall level, and how many levels you’ve completely solved.

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