Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000 Cheats

Pizzatron 3000 was added to Club Penguin in early 2007. It’s at the Pizza Parlor, a room accessible from the Plaza.

This is the game’s main screen:

In this game there is the normal pizza levels or candy pizza levels. Click the lever to switch to the candy pizza levels.

Then click start.

The board on the top right will show which toppings to put on the pizza. They can be basic with just sauce and cheese…

…or complex with lots of toppings. The more toppings are needed, the more coins you get. The conveyor belt will also speed up.

The toppings are sauce, hot sauce, cheese, seaweed, shrimp, squid, and fish.

For candy pizza it is chocolate sauce, icing, sprinkles, licorice, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and jellybeans.

The only difference between regular pizza and candy pizza is the toppings.

The better you do the more coins you earn!

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