Club Penguin Paint By Letters Hidden Coins Cheats


Paint By Letters is located in the room above the Coffee Shop. To access the Book Room go to the stairs in the Coffee Shop.

Paint By Letters is located on the bookshelf. Either go over to it and click on it…

…or click on the book icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

This will bring up the Bookshelf.

On the left of the bottom shelf you will see three Paint by Letters books. Choose which one you want.

In all of the Paint By Letters games there are hidden coins.

My Puffle

On the first page in my Puffle click on the door.

Drag it back to reveal the hidden coin.

Depending on where you go next the coin is hidden in different spots. At the Cove drag the wig up.

At the Cove drag the fireman’s hat up.

At the Dock click on the air pump.

When the penguin flies up they will reveal the coin.

At the beach look under the pail.

Depending on where you went, on the next page the coins are hidden in different spots.

  • Cove – fling the stairs upward
  • Forest – click behind the red penguin on the right and fling the rock upward
  • Dock – fling the boat upwards
  • Beach – fling the Lighthouse upward

On the fourth page pull the sky down.

On the fifth page pull the sky down again.

That’s all for My Puffle! There is no hidden coin on the final page.

Burnt Out Bulbs

On page one move the hockey puck around to reveal the coin.

On page two move your mouse around the top left of the page to reveal the coin.

On the next page open the lid of the piano.

On the fourth page click on the handles hanging from the clock.

When you do the bird will quickly fly out with the coin.

On page five drag all the layers of floor away. This might take a while.

The sixth page depends on which character you chose. For the DJ match up the dance floor colors with the painting.

For the Viking open the oven and use the torch to light the wood. A coin will come out of the fish’s mouth.

For the alien click the lava lamp and drag the lava around the lanterns to reveal the coin.

On the next page, once again it depends on what you chose before. For the DJ drag the ice up.

For the Viking move the Puffle away.

For the Alien drag the spaceship down.

There is no hidden coin on the last page.

Lime Green Dojo Clean

On the first page bring the mop outside.

On the second page life the bucket up.

On the third page drag the dab of paint around until the coin shows.

On the fourth page make the penguin hit the wall so gravity switches up and the coin falls through the ramp.

On the fifth page some of the wall panels will light up.

Follow the pattern to reveal the coin.

On page six move the bucket.

On page 7 move the lightbulb around the maze.

Page eight depends on which path you choose. For the octopus pull the plug.

If you chose the other path empty the capes from the box and put the socks on the penguin’s hands.

The more hidden coins you collect the more coins you will earn at the end of the book.

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