Club Penguin Bits & Bolts Cheats

Bits & Bolts is located at the Dance Lounge. It’s the floor above the Dance Club. It’s the blue arcade game on the left.

This is the main screen of the game:

It’s recommended you read the instructions, as without them you might be a little bit confused on what you do in the game.

Lets say the given number in the game is 5:

In the game you would click enough of the tiles so it equals 5. In this case I’d click two tiles containing two and one tile containing one, as 2 + 2 + 1 =5, the given number.

At times the game will tell you what parts to use:

In this game nonmembers can only play the first 5 levels. The more levels you beat in a shorter amount of time, the more coins you earn!

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