Club Penguin Bean Counters Cheats

Bean Counters is a game in the Coffee Shop, which can be accessed from the Town.

This is the main screen. From here you can play the game.

In this game you want to stack up as many java bags as you can. They are thrown out of the truck.

Your mouse is your control. You can hold up to six bags. To unload some go next to the wooden unloading dock and click quickly to set them down.

Some obstacles are thrown out of the truck like anvils….


…and a flower vase.

If you get hit by one you’ll drop the bags you are currently holding and lose a life.

If you see a blue penguin star thrown out of the truck, be sure to get it. It’s an extra life.

At the top of the screen you can see how many lives you have, which truck number you are on, and what your score is.

There is also a secret level in this, played with jellybeans. On the main screen click in the center of the bag.

If you click in the right spot jellybeans will fall out. Click them.

You will then get the choice to play it on hard, expert, or extreme.

These are the instructions for the jellybean level:

Just like in the regular levels the jellybeans are thrown out of the truck.

In these levels there is a wheel. Whatever colors are highlighted are the safe bags of jellybeans to pile up.

As you can see, the wheel said orange & blue-green, so I piled those.

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Bean Counters Cheats

  1. Hello. I saw what you said about the hidden jellybeans level but when I clicked all around on Club Penguin in the center of the bag, I didn’t see any jellybeans fall out. It must be an old thing. Since it didn’t work, how can you access the secret candy level?

    • It’s still there. On the left side, right where the two bags touch, in the middle you click when your mouse turns into a hand.

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