Elite Penguin Force Herbert’s Revenge Cheats

This is a guide on how to complete all 10 missions in Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge. It also shows how to get the seven snake tokens.

Mission 1 – The Elite Penguin Force

1. Talk to Dot. Afterwards go through the door with the Red & Blue Puffles on it.
2. You need to open the crate. Use the whistle to get the Red Puffle and break it.
3. After that click the targets using the Blue Puffle, which you can get via the whistle.
4. Go through the door and you will end up at a cave. You need to cross a river.
5. Get the Jackhammer. Fix it by putting together the pieces. You will then play a mini game.
6. Use the rope in your inventory on the hook. It will create a grappling hook. Play the mini game.
7. You will see Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and Dot. Talk to them and suggest they all combine their items.
8. Combine the jet pack and broomstick. Add everything to the door, including the belt.
9. Rotate the items around and around until the door’s bars are broken.
10. Go through the door. Talk to the agents and tell them you have an idea. Say you will go on top of each other to get over the wall.
11. Stack the agents. They will climb over and open the wall from the other side so you can go through. The first mission is now over. Congratulations!

Mission 2 – Secret of the Fur

1. Talk to the Director. Then talk to Gary.
2. Open your spy phone and get the wrench. Tighten the bolt that is loose.
3. Talk to Gary for a second time. Click on the mission simulator.
4. You will now start the mission in the simulator. Talk to Gary.
5. Click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000.
6. Open your spy phone. Get the comb out. Once you have the comb click the pink fur so it’ll fit into the machine.
7. Once it’s done analyzing talk to Gary. He’ll give you more fur. Put it into the analyzer.
8. It will analyze but not have a match for the fur – it’ll only have results for the items on the fur. Talk to G to tell him.
9. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Talk to the chef there.
10. Collect the hot sauce and chocolate syrup bottles. Once you do that go to the Coffee Shop.
11. Once you’re at the Coffee Shop talk to the barista behind the counter.
12. Click on the Coffee Maker. Get the wrench from your spy phone and follow the instructions that are given.
13. Get the coffee mug. Then get the chocolate syrup from the bottle and put it in the coffee maker. Turn the knob to hot.
14. Put the coffee mug in the machine under where it says hot chocolate.
15. Click the button to pour your drink. Once it’s done pouring it, put the mug in your inventory.
16. Go to the Beach and get some netting. Then go inside the Lighthouse and get some rope.
17. Go to the Gadget Room in the HQ.
18. Get the fan on the shelf labeled “prototypes”.
19. Go to the Lighthouse and go upstairs to the Lighthouse Beacon.
20. Combine the net and rope.
21. Get the fan from your inventory and click the jet pack fuel that you will see floating in the air.
22. Open up your spy phone. Get the scissors to cut the balloon so you can get the jet pack fuel.
23. Go to the HQ. Give the hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel to Gary. Talk to him.
24. You need to calibrate the substances with the Spy Goggles.
25. Now go to the Snow Forts. Use Flare (Black Puffle) to melt the snow. Play the mini game to get a snake token.
26. Now go to the Ski Lodge. Get the candle.
27. Once you have the candle go through the door for Ice Fishing.
28. Get the trap of rope & netting from your inventory. Set it up on the tree. Then add the candle.
29. Klutzy will be trapped in the net. Get him as well as the fur that Herbert left behind.
30. Go to the Gadget Room in the HQ and give Klutzy to Gary. Then put the fur into the analyzer.
31. Talk to Gary. The second mission is now over. Congratulations!

Mission 3 – Questions for a Crab

1. Start out by talking to Gary. Follow Klutzy around the island. You will eventually end up going down the back of the Ski Hill.
2. Go to the bush where the Puffle O’s are then to the area with the Black Puffle. The Puffle is near the tree stump.
3. Once you find the Black Puffle go to the left. You’ll see a bag of O Berries in the tree.
4. Once you see the O Berries get the scissors out from your spy phone to cut it down. Put it in your inventory.
5. Give an O Berry to the Black Puffle. Once you do that go to the cave Klutzy went into.
6. Call the Black Puffle on the whistle. Open up your inventory, click an O Berry, and then click on the door so it’ll go through.
7. Once you’re inside the cave you will get trapped by Herbert.
8. Once Herbert’s leaves take notice to the con contraption in front of you.
9. Where it says “cage lift” place an O Berry and put it where the lever is.
10. After that place an O Berry on the other part of the cage lift.
11. Put a third & final O Berry on the platform. You will then be able to escape from the cage.
12. After that get the blue prints & bottle of hot sauce from the table.
13. Get the anchor and rope. Put it together to make a grappling hook.
14. Go to leave the cave. A pile of snow will fall in front of the door.
15. Combine an O Berry with the hot sauce. Put it on the door to have Flare burn a hole through the snow.
16. Go over the river use Loop, the Pink Puffle to catch the fish that jumps out of the water. You’ll get a snake token. Then head back towards the mountain.
17. Put the grappling hook on the mountain and play the mini game.
18. After the mini game go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the chef for seaweed pizza. Then put it in your inventory.
19. Go to the Ski Lodge and go through the Ice Fishing Door.
20. Give the pizza to Herbert.
21. When Herbert goes to eat the pizza click on the red level on the machine Klutzy is in. Once Herbert turns on the machine he will go backwards.
22. Once Gary arrives talk to him. Once you’re done talking to him Herbert will call via the spy phone. Talk to him.
23. Talk to Gary again. Give him the blue prints you got from Herbert’s cave.
24. Talk to Gary one final time and the mission will be over. Congratulations!

Mission 4 – Mysterious Tremors

1. Talk to Gary. After that pick up the tan hat behind him.
2. Go to the Dock. Talk to Herbert. Once you’re done talking to him pick up the lantern.
3. Follow the Map Herbert & Klutzy dropped. It’ll take you to the Plaza.
4. At the Plaza the map will land in a penguin’s newspaper. Talk to him and ask if you can take a look at the newspaper. He will say no.
5. Go to the Pizza Parlor and ask the chef for a pizza.
6. Go back to the Plaza and give the pizza to the penguin with the newspaper. Take it and you’ll get the map.
7. Go to the Gadget Room and talk to Gary. After that get the hammer off of the wall.
8. Once you get the hammer go to the Sports Shop.
9. Ask the penguin behind the Sports Shop counter for the box of pegs. Put them in your inventory.
10. Go to the Beach. Get the net from the outside of the Lighthouse.
11. Go inside the Lighthouse and ask the purple penguin for a bottle of cream soda.
12. Get a cream soda barrel and put it in your inventory.
13. Go to the Coffee Shop. Take the barista and tell him you will help him clean up the mess.
14. Clean the cookie mess by placing them all back into the jar.
15. The barista will offer you a cookie when you’re done. Accept it. Place it in your inventory.
16. Go to the Town. Give the Green Puffle the hat in your inventory as well as a cookie.
17. The Puffle will knock down the other half of the map. Pick it up.
18. Combine the two pieces of map. Once you do that head to the Dock and go inside the tunnel.
19. Use the lantern. Then play the Amazing Maze mini game.
20. At the end of the tunnel you will see the bottom of the Gift Shop.
21. Shake up the barrel of cream soda.
22. The cream soda will then push the gift shop back up. Get the net from your inventory and place it underneath the Gift Shop.
23. Once you set up the net set up the pegs.
24. Get the hammer from your inventory to set the pegs in.
25. Go inside the Boiler Room. Talk to Herbert. He’ll hit the boiler and run off.
26. Accept the call from Gary. After you talk to him click the boiler.
27. Connect the pipes.
28. Gary will call again. Go to the HQ. Talk to Gary in person. You’ve then finished the mission.

Mission 5 – Operation: Spy and Seek

1. Talk to Gary. Collect the tracking devices and place all of them in your inventory.
2. Put the rubber duck and blue prints in your inventory. Once you collect these items go to the Ski Lodge.
3. Collect all the Find Four pieces in the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic.
4. Get the rope from the Lodge Attic.
5. Go downstairs to the Ski Lodge and give all the Find Four pieces to the penguins.
6. Go to the Forest. Once you’re there pick up the sticks that are lying on the ground.
7. Combine the blue prints, rope, and sticks to make a kite. Then add a tracking device to it.
8. Go to the Ski Hill. Get the kite and put it on the Ski Hill’s pole. Then head to the Plaza.
9. Once you are at the Plaza click on the green & yellow penguins until the Puffle blows a bubble with the gum. It’ll pop all over the penguins.
10. After the bubble pops offer to help the penguins. Get the gum when you are done and place it in your inventory.
11. Go to the Dock after you get the gum. Talk to the penguin that is trying to start the boat but is having a bit trouble.
12. Start the boat by pulling the starting rod. When you’re done ask the penguin if you can borrow the air pump.
13. Combine the rubber duck, gum, and air pump. You’ll need to fill the duck up with air.
14. once the rubber duck is full of air add a tracking device to it. Go to the Iceberg.
15. At the Iceberg put the duck in the water. Go to the Mine.
16. Once you’re at the Mine talk to Gary. Fix the trough. When you’re done Rory will ask if you have time for a second job. Say yes.
17. The second job is to weld the mine carts. Do it.
18. When you’re done with everything put a tracking device in the Mine Cart. After that you’ll get a call from Gary. Go back to the HQ. Before you do though, on the right of the Mine Shack is an anvil. Use the Purple Puffle to lift it. You will find a snake token.
19. Pick up the Spy Binoculars. Go to the Ski Lodge.
20. At the Ski Lodge go through the Ice Fishing Door.
21. Get the Spy Binoculars and look through them. Then accept the incoming call from Gary.
22. Go across the pond. Play the Amazing Maze game.
23. Pick up the stolen spy phone by the fire pit.
24. Combine the Spy Phone and Binoculars. Put them on the big tree. After that you’ll get a call from Gary. Talk to him then go to the HQ.
25. Watch the monitor with Gary. Once the monitor scene is done the mission is over.

Mission 6 – Waddle Squad

1. Start out by talking to Gary. Then talk to Herbert and the Director.
2. Pick up the solar panel.
3. Go to the Beach. Talk to Jet Pack Guy. Go inside the Lighthouse.
4. In the Lighthouse get a bottle of cream soda. Place it in your inventory. Go back to Jet Pack Guy at the Beach.
5. Talk to Jet Pack Guy. You need to divide the cream soda.
6. After you are done helping Jet Pack Guy go to the Gift Shop.
7. Once you’re inside the Gift Shop talk to the penguin behind the counter. Get the table, cloth, and box. Take it outside and set it up.
8. Go inside and talk to the penguin behind the counter again. Then go over to the vault and call the Black Puffle with the Puffle Whistle. Use it on the vault to fix it.
9. Get the Snake Coin that is inside the vault. Then talk to Rookie.
10. Take the solar panel from your inventory and drag it to the magnet.
11. Connect the Solar Panel. Talk to Rookie again and go to the Dock.
12. Go to the Dock. Talk to the construction worker. Play the Jackhammer mini game.
13. Talk to the penguin on the Dock. Ask him for the rope. Then go to the Night Club.
14. Find the trap that is inside the Night Club. Then drag the rope to the pulley. Go to test it and it will break.
15. Get the wrench from your spy phone. Click on the pulley to loosen the screws and fix the pulley.
16. Accept the call from Jet Pack Guy. Then investigate the Herbert sighting at the Dock.
17. Accept the call from Rookie and head to the Night Club.
18. Talk to Herbert. Click the red lever on the pulley to activate the trap.
19. Talk to Herbert and accept the call from Gary.
20. Close your spy phone and talk to Rookie.
21. Drag the lights above to shine them on the solar panel so the magnet is stronger.
22. Talk to Gary. Then Rookie will give his spy phone to Herbert. He will escape and the mission is over.

Mission 7 – Veggie Villain

1. Talk to Gary. He’ll give you some instructions.
2. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to Rookie.
3. Pick up the popcorn kernels that are near him. Go to go to the upstairs room and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Put the seeds in your inventory.
4. Gary will call you on your spy phone. Answer it and talk to him. Herbert will take over the monitor. Gary will give you some orders.
5. Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the other EPF agents that are there.
6. Talk to the penguin playing marbles. Pick the bag of marbles up.
7. Go to the Lighthouse. Talk to the penguin with the guitar. Use the wrench from your spy phone to help the penguin. You’ll get a spray bottle & cloth.
8. There will be a DVD on the piano. Put it in your inventory. Then combine the DVD & spray bottle.
10. Once the DVD is clean give it to Rookie.
11. Click the signal transmitter next to the screen. Use the spy phone’s wrench on it to loosen the screws.
12. Go to the Mine Shack. Go in the field of corn. You’ll play the Amazing Maze game.
13. Follow the trail of corn and other agents. When you see the plank of wood put it in your inventory.
14. Once you’re at the river place the plank of wood on the river so you can cross it.
15. Play the Amazing Maze game again. Then talk to Rookie.
16. Call the Blue Puffle on your whistle. Throw snowballs at the ladder’s lever.
17. Before going up the ladder, on the left is more corn. Go in there. Use the Puffle Whistle and call the White Puffle. Freeze the water, cross it, and collect the snake token.
18. Go back to where you were and go up the ladder. Talk to Herbert. Turn his computer off.
19. Once you’re at the HQ tap the yellow book on the left side of the cabinet.
20. You’ll play a small color wheel puzzle game.
21. After that Dot will transport all of you to the Ski Village. Some agents will talk to you and then the mission will be over. Congratulations!

Mission 8 – Suspect at Large

1. Start the mission by talking to The Director.
2. Get the crab costume from the table. Then open your penguin’s inventory and put it on. Once it’s on talk to Dot.
3. You will be tested to see if you do good moving like a regular crab. Don’t mess up!
4. Once you finish acting like a crab talk to Gary and The Director. You’ll get a Spy Camera 3000 from Gary. He’ll ask you to take a picture of him with the camera. Do it.
5. Once you’re done in the EPF Command Room go to the Ski Lodge.
6. Once you’re in the Ski Lodge go through the Ice Fishing door to Herbert’s old camp.
7. Collect the four blueprint pieces around the room. You will need to use some of the Elite Puffles to obtain them.
8. Once all the blueprint pieces are collect put them together. Then answer the call from Gary. Talk to him then you’ll get a call from Jet Pack Guy. Talk to him then go to the Ski Hill.
9. Go to Herbert’s old cave. Once you’re at the entrance talk to Jet Pack Guy.
10. Go inside the Cave. When you see a pile of ash get the Mechano-Duster from your spy phone and clear the ash away.
11. Once you collect the paper from the ash put them together. After that Dot will call. Talk to her.
12. Leave the cave. Go towards the tree stump. Eventually you’ll see a fake rock. Tap it. After that Jet Pack Guy will call. Answer it.
13. Click the Black Puffle on the snow to clear it away.
14. Get the key from under the door mat. Use it to unlock the lock. Once you’re inside Rookie will call. Talk to him.
15. When you see the palm tree take a picture of it using the camera Gary gave you earlier.
16. Keep scrolling till you see the Palm Tree. When you see a cream soda barrel there will be a key. Pick it up.
17. When you see a door with a security system, get the wrench from your spy phone. Loosen the bolts. Then get the scissors from your phone and cut the wires. Go through the door.
18. Take a picture of Herbert’s lab experiments. After that click the switch on the right side of the door.
19. Get the key that’s sitting on the top of the fireplace.
20. You’ll eventually encounter Klutzy. You need to match his moves like you did earlier.
21. After Klutzy leaves you’ll see you need to take another picture. Do that, then get the pink key on the shelf.
22. Once you see the door that is locked use the keys to unlock it. Once you’re inside take a picture and collect the blueprints. Rookie will call.
23. Talk the Rookie. Go to leave and you’ll see Herbert. Talk to him. The answers are “Click-Click-Click”, “Ka-Click”, and “Click-Ka Click”.
24. Herbert will then realize someone stole his plans. He’ll put the lair on lockdown. Jet Pack Guy will then call. Talk to him then look for an opening in the roof. You’ll eventually find a light shining down. You need to open the light hatch by using your spy phone’s wrench. You’ll then need to play the Grappling Gadget game.
25. Once you’re out of Herbert’s lair Jet Pack Guy will call. You’ll be teleported to the EPF Command Room. Talk to the agents and the mission will be over.

Mission 9 – Herbert’s Plan

1. Start out by talking to Gary and then get the Heads up 3000. Use the device to help the other agents look for clues. Once 5 clues are found the agents will get kidnapped by Herbert.
2. Talk to Gary. You’ll get a tracking device, jackhammer, and grappling hook.
3. Follow the tracking device. Eventually you’ll wind up at the Ski Hill. Go to the wilderness. Go to the river. Call the White Puffle with your whistle. Use the Puffle to freeze the river so you can cross it.
4. Play the Grappling Gadget game. Once you see Rookie talk to him. Call the Green Puffle to get Rookie’s hat. Return it to him.
5. Take the fishing line from Rookie. Call the Yellow Puffle on the whistle to open the box of ice where the two Puffles are trapped.
6. Open your spy phone and use the wrench to open the cage the Puffles are in.
7. Go to the path and play the Amazing Maze game. You’ll then see a cardboard tree at the end. Call the Red Puffle with your whistle to knock it down.
8. Talk to Dot. Pick up the four broken propeller pieces as well as the windmill piece. Put them all together.
10. Place the propeller where the windmill is. Use the Black Puffle to weld it. Free Dot & the Pink Puffle.
11. Go to Rookie. Use the jackhammer on the snow. Complete the mini game. Once you find Jet Pack Guy talk to him.
12. Use the fishing rod Rookie gave you earlier to rescue him. Play the mini game.
13. Call the Yellow Puffle with the whistle to break the rocket attached to Jet Pack Guy. Then use the scissors to free him.
14. Call the Blue Puffle with the whistle to free the Purple Puffle. Then use the Purple Puffle to move the rock.
15. Go to Dot. Use the grappling hook and play the Grappling Gadget game again.
16. Once you’re on the top of the mountain you will see Herbert with a giant magnifying glass.
17. Gary will call you on your spy phone. Once you’re done speaking to him pick up all the ice blocks. Place each of them in your inventory. Play the mini game.
18. Destroy the magnifying glass by moving all the beams so it point at it. Once the magnifying glass explodes the ninth mission is over.

Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

1. The Director will talk to you. Once they’re done talk to Gary. You’ll be teleported to the Mine Shack.
2. Talk to Rookie, Dot, and Gary. Once you’re done talking to them all go to the Ski Village.
3. Use your scissors on the Ski Lift.
4. Call the Purple Puffle with your whistle. Put a bubble around Klutzy.
5. Talk to Herbert. He will agree to help you save the island.
6. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the owner behind the counter. Take the life jacket & floaties.
7. Go back to the Ski Village. Get the rubber duck then give Herbert the three floatation items for him to wear. Rookie will then arrive and talk to the other agents.
8. Go to the Ski Lodge Attic. Cut the strings off the box using Klutzy’s claws. Take the octopus.
9. Go to the Boiler Room. Get the whale.
10. Go to the Pool and get the life preserver.
11. Go to the Iceberg. Talk to Gary. Play the Aqua Rescue game. After that go to the Plaza and talk to Dot.
12. Go to the Stage. Take the beard and put it in the paint bucket. After that go to the Pizza Parlor.
13. Talk to the Pizza Parlor chef. Take the mop & pan. Use Klutzy’s claw to cut the mop off.
14. Talk to Dot. Gary will also call you and talk to you. Go to the Mine Shack. Then go back to the Gift Shop.
15. Once you’re at the Gift Shop go upstairs. Get the tape.
16. Go to the Ski Village. Use the tape on the balloon.
17. Use the helium on the balloon. Give it to Herbert.
18. Go to the Mine Shack again. Use the jackhammer on the geyser. You’ll play another game.
19. Call the White Puffle with your whistle. Use it to freeze the geyser.
20. Herbert will call on your phone. Talk to him. Call Klutzy with your whistle. Use him on the statue.
21. After Klutzy does his thing call the Purple Puffle. Make the Puffle blow a bubble.
22. Call the Black Puffle to weld the statue. Play the mini game then talk to The Director. Congratulations! You’ve beat all 10 missions.


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