How To Become A Water Ninja On Club Penguin

To become a water Ninja first go to the Dojo Courtyard via the map.

Once you’re at the Dojo Courtyard the room will look like this:

On the far left there is a door. To be able to go through the door you must be a black belt ninja with the Ninja Mask.

Once you go through the door you will be taken to the Ninja Hideout.

Once there, on the right side you will see a blue water stone. Click on it.

An entrance to the waterfall will appear. Waddle through the door.

Once you are at the waterfall talk to the Sensei.

He will give you your Water Booster Deck of cards. You can then play by clicking Earn your Water Suit.

You can always practice on the mats if you want.

When you play this game instructions pop up while the game loads.

In the game your cards scroll from left to right. Your penguin is on the rock tiles. If there was fire on the tile in front of you, you would click the water card then click on the tile with the fire to extinguish it so you can move forward. You want to be the first to reach the gong, and not  fall off the waterfall. Sometimes it might take more than one card to clear the stone in front.

To view your progress click the cards in the bottom right corner in any of the Dojo rooms.

As you can see, I’m close to getting the Torrent Mask!

Just like in any of the other Dojo rooms there is notes on the wall. There is the game instructions.

…and the item legend.

The items you get are:

  • Wave Sandals
  • Waterfall Coat
  • Torrent Mask
  • Helmet of Oceans

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