Club Penguin Times Issue #528 – Galactic Visitors Settle In

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! This is their 3rd of December edition. This is the forty ninth issue of 2015 and it brings us to a total of 528 published newspaper issues.

The first main article is about the alien puffles¬†setting in on the Club Penguin island. Their spaceship is here to stay until Gary comes up with an alternate power source for their ship….so what the heck was the point in restoring backup power during Operation Crustacean?

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.45.54 PM

The second main article in this week’s newspaper issue is about this month’s igloo catalogue being the biggest ever.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.46.02 PM

Here are the upcoming events:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.46.21 PM

The upcoming events listed are:

  • December 10th: New Pin
  • December 17th: Coins for Change
  • December 24th: New Pin
  • December 25th: Final Holiday Gift
  • December 31st: New Year’s Celebration

The second page of the newspaper has more content such as island secrets and jokes.

One thought on “Club Penguin Times Issue #528 – Galactic Visitors Settle In

  1. The point was restoring enough power to keep it flying. Without the main power source though, it can’t amplify the power enough to take off into space. Think of it like the warp drive in Lilo and Stitch, the ship can still fly without it, it just can’t venture far from a planet. Hope this clears it up.
    It’s not rocket science, it’s UFO science! ;-D

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