On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 11

On the 11th of June there has only been updates in 2010. That year Ruby and the Ruby returned to the Stage, the postcard catalog was updated, the 2010 Adventure Party preparations began, there was a new login screen, and finally the VR room was now available to EPF agents.

The June 2010 showing of Ruby and the Ruby was Club Penguin’s third one. If you followed the clues in the script you would find the Ruby Pin in the safe behind the painting on the wall. To go along with the play, the Club Penguin Team added the postcard for that and two others. The other two newly added postcards were “Follow Me!” and “Night Club Color Party”.

Moving on to the Adventure Party related updates, crates containing decorations were placed at the Town, Plaza, Cove, and Beach. At the Beach you could find one of Gary’s inventions, the Flare Flinger 3000. When you clicked it, it would launch some flares in the sky in hopes of getting Rockhopper’s attention so he would sail to the island. There was also a new login screen advertising the Island Adventure Party. It read “Adventure are everywhere. Choose yours! Starting June 18th.”


The final update in 2010 was EPF agents now being able to access the VR Room, a room that is no longer available in Club Penguin. The VR room, which stands for Virtual Reality room, allowed you to see how the PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) HQ looked in the past before the EPF took over.


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