On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 11

Updates on the 11th of March¬†have happened in 2011. There was a St. Patrick’s Day Igloo Decorating Contest, a new furniture catalogue, two new pins, and the Bean Counters game got a new design.

At the St. Patrick’s Igloo Contest members could decorate their igloo to their liking with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and then submit it for a chance to win some awesome prizes such as coins or furniture. To go along with the igloo decorating contest Club Penguin also updated the furniture catalogue for the month. In it were food related items and of course some¬†St. Patrick’s Day themed items.



This was my entry for the igloo decorating contest. I thought it was pretty awesome, but I guess Club Penguin didn’t think the same thing because I didn’t win… :( :P


Other updates in 2011 include the Purple Puffle Pin being hidden at the Pizza Parlour and the Pink Puffle Pin being hidden at the Cove. At the time Club Penguin was releasing two Puffle Pins every two weeks for a limited time. They are Club Penguin’s 152nd and 153rd pins. The Pink Puffle Pin was the seventh pin to be hidden at the cove and the Purple Puffle Pin was the eighth pin to be hidden at the Pizza Parlour.

The final update in 2011 was the Bean Counters game getting a whole new look. The secret candy level was also added. It was a completely unexpected update, which made it all the more fun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.24.16 AM


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      • First party I ever remember from CP was the 2009 Saint Patrick’s party… I remember making my sis angry by getting the pin on her account because I didn’t have my own :p

        I kinda wish CP would make like an old CP Time Trekker thingamabobber… where you could go back in time and visit past parties (no free items though, cuz that beta hat lol)…

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