The Final Level of Puffle Wild

Two days after Puffle Wild was released for iOS I have completed it. Either I’m really good at it, the game is easy, or I have no life. Probably the last one of the three.

If you’ve played Candy Crush, Bejeweled, or any other match three game before then you should have no problem playing Puffle Wild. All you have to do is get 3+ matches of a certain O Berry and try to beat the level’s objective if there is one as well as meet the minimum required score. Along the level map you’ll access new Raccoon, Deer, Bunny, and Unicorn Puffles. There’s really nothing else to the game. It’s addictive, fun, but not really a “new” type of game since there already tons of match three games out there. Luckily there are the bonus Puffles. Since gameplay is very straightforward I’m not going to give an in depth review. Instead, I present to you a very amateurly filmed video of the final level. In the beginning I do give a very brief overview of the app. Basically being a member so you can use the Puffle powerups in the levels is a big help, but other than that there are no extra purchases you have to make to make the game easier so you can win.

More levels are on the way, probably in other areas of the map that you cannot yet access. When they’re available I’ll definitely post about them. If you want to get the game but don’t live in Australia or New Zealand then click here for instructions.


The game is very stable. So far I’ve encountered only one or two minor bugs and the app has never crashed for me which is great. Good job, development team! How about now you go take a break and patch those item adders you seem to be ignoring. ;-)

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  1. Agreed. CP need to spend less time banning people for using/making item adders and actually stopping the item adders, coin makers, etc. from working in their system! My dog would be better at running CP!

  2. Know what will be cool for a next puffle? You go underwater and you Explore the deep with Mullet Puffles, Squid Puffles, Fluffy Puffles ,(The type of fish, Fluffy.) And my all time favorite… Shark Puffles! And you need a Underwater Background to make the Puffles go back to CP App or CP. Can you imagine that? I can!
    Ham On!

  3. Hey Train! Did you notice the new details in the Puffle Hotel? Like in the Gym and Spa there’s a new rug under the Treadmills. and There’s new tile in the Lobby by the Tables. I’m pretty sure They cleaned the Puffle Hotel and added new Stuff since of Skip Destroying it! (HOW DARE YOU SKIP!!) If you haven’t, Can you add it to your blog? And can you give me the Credit for telling you about it? Thx! Ham On!

  4. I kind of think it’s a shame that most people didn’t care about item adders and cheating programs much until their precious rare items began losing their rarity, when the rare item adders popped up. (No offense to rare penguins, that’s just how I feel)
    Anyways, about Puffle Wild. From the looks of it, the team did a great job with it. The puffles are pretty cool, but this year we’ve got more puffles then all the other years combined. Why not take a break from the puffles next year, CP? I can’t wait to download it later this year! (I’m just going to wait for the app instead of using the workaround)

  5. I’ve finished the game and haven’t gotten the dragon puffles, does anyone know how to get them?
    As well, do you know if the other exclusive puffles will be added? Like the snowman one and the dino ones?

    • Dragon Puffles aren’t available in Puffle Wild. They were at the Prehistoric Party in January 2013. And nope, those likely won’t be added.

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