On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 22

On the 22nd of July in 2011 Club Penguin had three updates. They added a login screen, that year’s Island Adventure Party began, and Rockhopper arrived for another visit.

The new login screen released that day advertised the Island Adventure Party. It said “Search for the missing cream soda! July 22 – 31”. At the party you could take place in a cream soda scavenger hunt around the island, earning different pins along the way. The pins were the Eye Patch Pin, Telescope Pin, Tropical Feather Pin, and the Old Key Pin. After that you would complete the map and be able to dig up the Continental Hat head item. Also at the party members could purchase the Blue Crab costume for 50 coins at the Hidden Lake. They could also play a mini game and earn the Commander Coat item. Finally, at the party the Music Maestro stamp was released, which is unlocked by solving a musical puzzle at a party.

Club Penguin Island Adventure Party 2011 Snow Forts

Finally, for Rockhopper’s visit his free item for everyone was the Puffle Bandana. The clothing items members could buy were the Scallywag Rags for 325 coins, The Rascal for 200 coins, and the Castaway Face Paint for 50 coins. They could also buy the Wall Map for 250 coins each and Tropical Palm for 300 coins each to place in their igloo. The Ship in a Bottle furniture item was hidden in the catalogue and cost 355 coins.


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