Penguin Cup 2014 Trailer Video

The Penguin Cup 2014 begins June 19th! To advertise the party Club Penguin has created a trailer video that you can watch.

Are you excited for the Penguin Cup? What team are you on? I plan to be on Team Blue!

39 thoughts on “Penguin Cup 2014 Trailer Video

  1. Go Team Blue YEEEEEEHOOOOOO. (also, the one thing I didn’t liked in the video was that I found that kid’s voice to be tooo dorky and monotone. :P)

  2. Go #TeamBlue btw TrainMan1405 do you see when they red team player kicks the ball,he has like electric shoes?

  3. Sadly im on holiday sadly i hate football because i have aspergers syndrome which i loved footbal but as i get older i hate stuff like minecraft well i like it but not verry much :)

  4. I think you should do red because hot sause can beat water by making it to steam and if you use hot sause on a shark the shark will be burned so thats why I think you should choose red.

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