On This Day In Club Penguin History – April 3

On April 3 2009, several updates were released. The biggest and most anticipated update was the first annual (although it is not annual anymore) Penguin Play Awards winners being announced. A new clothing catalogue for that month was released and also more snow sculptures were added to the island.

At the 2009 Penguin Play Awards the popular stage play Quest for the Golden Puffle snagged nearly all the awards Рit won everything except Best Costume, which Fairy Fables won.

Club Penguin Play Awards Results 2009

The other big update in 2009 was that month’s Penguin Style being released. It featured new Spring-themed items. Here is one of the pages from the catalogue:

Club Penguin April 2009 Penguin Style

Finally, the final five Snow Sculpture Showcase winners were added to Club Penguin for the rest of the event. The winners were Doudou15, Zohannah7, Monalooka, Giraffe106, and Dj Girl Rox.

Club Penguin Snow Sculpture Showcase - Ski Village Week 3


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  1. Train can you ask megg, ninja, or polo when the date for the Club Penguin app I would have but I don’t got twitter and my parents don’t allow me.

  2. trainman i didn’t have time to go to the stage during the party – what were the left and right doors for?

  3. Hey, Trainman1405!

    Have you checked this page yet? http://www.clubpenguin.com/earth-month

    If not, check it out! If you unlock the Bear Costume with the code: BEARCUBS, Club Penguin will donate $1 USD up to $50k USD to help the National Parks!

    So far 31 Bear costumes have been unlocked and 31 dollars have been donated!

    Please make a post about it and give me credit for it!

    Thanks, Rafaelmouta.

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