Club Penguin Video: The Best of 2013 Mashup Remix (v2)

Club Penguin originally uploaded this around the beginning of 2014 however they took it down for unspecified reasons and have revamped it to make it even better. For those of you who never got to see it or for those of you who want to watch the upgraded version, here you go:

The three main differences I saw (I might have missed some) were they removed the Go Kart bit and replaced it with the Unicorn, covered the faces of Polo Field and Megg, and then they removed a Halloween Party scene and replaced it with Statue Roommates. If you spot any other differences let me know!

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  1. I noticed that the party scenes weren’t actually filmed during the party, because I noticed a penguin wearing the Woodland Reindeer costume in the Death Star, and that costume didn’t even exist yet, among other things. Cool video!

      • It was because Polo Field hold a meetup (I presume it was on a Field Friday) and all Club Penguin Moderators have the ability to change any room decorated during a specific party. Party rooms also count. This does not affect to other Club Penguin players though.

      • yeah we did it with Polo and Megg some days before the end of 2013 and they said that they need the footage for a best of the year video.

  2. I also noticed other scenes changed from the original best of 2013 music video. The scene from #WaddleOn of the Chicken Puffle during Medieval Party 2013 didn’t show in the original video. Also, some Star Wars Takeover parts are different. Supposedly there would be a scene of a moving R2-D2 machine alongside the DJ. However, it was replaced for the Stormtrooper Blaster Game from Star Wars. Also, at the beginning of the Star Wars Takeover part, there wasn’t the 3D Jedi Penguin with the lightsaber right by going through July 2013.

    I thought there would be changes to the music song, but apparently, its only the music video with some few minor changes. Anyways, I like the video and overall, I enjoyed 2013 and let’s hope 2014 is better. So far, 2014 has been going very well and we are now 1/4 of the year.

    Overall throughout the year 2014, which was your favorite party and your least favorite party and why? Also, what do you think of the parties so far? (January 2014 – March 2014) (Prehistoric, Fair and Muppets).

    Personally, I liked Prehistoric the most but I did enjoy these parties. I loved adopting Dinosaur Puffles and take care of them. I also liked the concept of the party. The Fair 2014 was also a nice party. I liked to see the Penguin Band back. However, I wish CP wouldn’t misinterpret the tweet of Penguin Band waddling during The Fair. I really wish they were real mascots, instead of just being bots. The minigames were fun and I loved the new prizes. I also liked the rides. I wish CP made a reasonable ticket prize for the prizes (specially the puffle hats and luckily, I managed to get all the prizes). Meanwhile with the Muppets World Tour, the design of the rooms are truly beautiful, but it could’ve been better. I wish there was more to do at the Muppets World Tour. I am not saying its the worst party nor a bad party, but perhaps is my least liked party of 2014 so far. I enjoyed some of the Muppets World Tour, but I wish there was more to do.

    I am also anticipating for Music Jam and CJ Shadow this year. I am really excited for the Puffle Party and the World Cup Party, and I would like to see what CP has in store for May.

    I would like to thank everyone for making 2013 a brilliant, fun, full-packed year.

    • Also, on a side note, 2013 is listed as one of my favorite years I spent throughout my CP Life. 2008 and 2011 are also my favorite years on CP with 2010 being the least.

      What about yours Trainman? What are your favorite years of CP and what were your top 5 favorite parties of 2013? Perhaps you could deeply tell us more about your thoughts and opinions about the parties and what you could’ve done to improve them.

      • My favourite would be 2006-2009, probably because everything was fresh and my old friends played then. But I do love 2010-current too, don’t get me wrong. :) My favourite parties in 2013 are Prehistoric, Monsters University, Teen Beach, Halloween, and finally Holiday.

  3. Hey Trainman1405!
    I was wondering,if you knew the Club Penguin SWF to issue #430 of the Club Penguin times,could you please tell me if you know it,please?

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