Club Penguin Times Issue #432 – Dino Puffles Roam Again!

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! This is their 30th of January edition. This is the fifth issue of 2014 and brings us to a total of 432 published newspaper issues.

The main headline is this week’s newspaper is about Dinosaur Puffles.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.08.44 AM

The second main article in this newspaper issue is about Darwin, Gary’s Puffle.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.08.53 AM

This week upcoming events has been replaced with Island Rumours.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.09.02 AM

It reads:

By Aunt Arctic – Hello everyone. I’ve been hearing rumours of something swimming near the Iceberg. Something big.

Maybe Gary’s warnings about time travel were right. Changes in the past may have changed our present-day Iceberg. i’ll be keeping a close eye on this story.

Please write in to the paper if you see anything suspicious!


Be sure to check page two of the newspaper for other content!

The following pages have been updated:

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue #432 – Dino Puffles Roam Again!

  1. Wait so that Megalodon Is in the Ice Berg in Prehistoric times. We’ve changed the future Slightly. and there’s a mysterious creature roaming near the Ice Berg… Oh Oh

  2. I like the more flexible way they do the newspaper now. Sometimes instead of the usual, they put something else, like the rumours part!

    • And appropriately enough, there are several sprites on the Iceberg’s SWF of a shark fin. He is showing every hour on the Iceberg. That’s all I can tell, no idea how he escaped.

  3. Hey Train! In the secret files,it hints that the fair is coming next month! And the prehistoric shark has escaped the past and has entered the future! You can see it swimming…hm new Aqua Grabber level?

  4. Hey Trainman, what party do you think they will have in March? Muppets Takeover, or Future Party?

    I don’t want them to have a Muppets Takeover, but I think that’s gonna be March’s party. :(

  5. Dear Train,
    I have decided to quit CP for good. I just want to say: you have made my time on CP the best. I have been using this site since Puffle Handler debuted. So, in conclusion, you in my opinion are the best CP blogger in earth or any other planet.

    Yours truly
    Firestorm 32

    • Sorry to hear you’re quitting! I’m glad I made your time on CP awesome though. Thanks for the kind words and good luck in life. =)

  6. SPOILER: It’s the Shark, It’s like the story of global cooling, megalodon got extinct by coldness. the Shark in the Prehistoric past in the iceberg is what’s gonna happen.

  7. “Changes in the past may have changed our present-day Iceberg.”
    Guess they wanted a good excuse to put buildings on the iceberg.

  8. Trainman1405,I have a spoiler!
    In the secret section of the newspaper,open that up.In the Prehistoric Word meanings,check the last word of every sentence/line.
    It spells out –
    That is another confirmation that the Fair is coming.Feel free to post about it,I give you permission :)

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