#WaddleOn Video: Penguin Carols

As mentioned earlier this week, the new #WaddleOn video would be released yesterday (Friday) instead of the usual Wednesday because it is a double length Penguin Carols special. Originally it only appeared in the My Penguin app only but Club Penguin has finally uploaded it to their YouTube Channel! You do see bits of Coins For Change and the Holiday Party in the video so watch it at your own risk if you don’t want the party spoiled!


27 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Video: Penguin Carols

  1. The reindeer puffle spots for Santa’s Sleigh at the Ski Village may be a hint the transformations from last year may be returning!

  2. I don’t know if you’re already aware of this, but when you go unto the pool in the underground while walking your puffle, it will jump in the water and make a splash

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