Club Penguin’s Classic Cove Room Gets All New Design

Club Penguin’s Cove room, which was released along with the Forest room in May 2007, has gotten an updated look! Ever since November of last year Club Penguin has been giving their older rooms all new looks, starting with ones such as the Town and Plaza and working their way towards others too.┬áThe room’s overall design looks the same, with the main new features being the first aid area and the surf shack. Other than that there have been some updated graphics. Go over to the surfboard if you wish to play Catchin’ Waves.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.30.20 PM

How do you like it? I think it’s alright, but a bit too crowded…I prefer the old design.

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23 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Classic Cove Room Gets All New Design

  1. The old rooms kind of looked like lazy-drawing crap to me. I kinda like the new looks, they’re just making it a little shinier. And if you look closely they’re still the same, just added some new features.

  2. Feels almost like the cove is roofed over. Added more pavement too.
    I like the wood boardwalks, why does it have to be cement or cobblestones?

    Don’t they read their own polls?
    Hardly anybody liked the Cove.

    Too crowded for me, I like wide open spaces. Gonna give people claustrophobia.

  3. ……………… i personally thibk that this is just too… ummm… messy? I thibk the old design just needed a fresh lick of paint if you know what I mean. Old design was better!

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