#WaddleOn Episode 5 Released

Club Penguin’s 5th episode of #WaddleOn is now out! Watch it below and let me know in the comments what you think of the sketches in this episode. Which sketch was your favourite in this video? What about overall between all five episodes? Do you still think #WaddleOn is still bad, still improving, or at a standstill with how funny/unfunny they are?

37 thoughts on “#WaddleOn Episode 5 Released

  1. Hilarious most of the time. Like with the puffle couch as his puffle and saying I agree. LOL ROFL. There had better be more coming.

  2. there’s two b in the word bad please fix. The Alien Joke is stupid now as well as the feeding the puffle. Blacksmith force and tour guide is dumb stop it cp

  3. I liked this one, but the last one was better. The alien one was really funny, but let’s see something new in the next episode.

  4. Finally, I couldn´t get in the blog since the morning, I dont know if was only I. A great episode, the tour guide part was funny, the part of the puflle and the dragon class. I don´t understand the aliens part. Minecraft copy! The penguin went there by a “portal” Lol. I love the #Waddleon videos.

  5. I actually laughed!!! XD I was probably the only person who laughed at the last one though. XP I hope that they get rid of the alien joke in the next episode. It’s really overused…

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