Club Penguin McKenzie, Brady, and Cadence Meetup Times

Looking for a Club Penguin McKenzie Tracker, a Club Penguin Brady Tracker, or a Club Penguin Cadence Tracker for the Summer Jam? How about something even better – a big list of meetup times! Club Penguin enjoys giving out the meetup times of mascots when they are visiting the island, and the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam is no exception. Over the next few days different members of the Club Penguin Team will be handing out many different meetup times across many different servers. Here I will be keeping track of every single one. As mentioned, there are three different mascots you can meet at this time – McKenzie, Brady, and Cadence. Each of them have a special background you can get if you meet them and Cadence also has a stamp. McKenzie and Brady appear together while Cadence does her own thing, although she can and will appear with the other two at times. You can meet them all over the island but around Big Momma’s (the Snow Forts) will be a popular spot for them to hang out. Here are the current known meetup times. All of the meetup times are in English servers unless said otherwise.


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Thanks to Firepower258, Loo978, Javier 8, and Iker 2010 for some of these times!

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      • Don’t literally get there at 3:00 pm and because might be full? Also get there around 2:00 pm or 2:30 pm might get better chance to meet them just saying and also don’t get there at same time a because if do maybe it will be full? Last thing and I am gonna say Please don’t take forever meet them because other people want meet them include me.

    • I Am Positive That Brady And McKenzie Are Going To Be At Big Momma’s, I’m Not So Sure If Its Going To Be Similar To The Situation Where Cadence Will Be With Them Or Be At The Night Club Though… Most Likely

  1. Hey Train! I got some more time to meet Cadence, Mack and Brady!

    August 25:
    1:00 PM PST on the Spanish sever DJ Aletas (Cadence)
    9:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Ventilador (Cadence)
    10:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Cordilheira (Cadence)
    1:30 PM PST on the Portuguese sever Avalanche (Cadence)
    August 26:
    6:30 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Boreal (Brady & Mack)
    10:30 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Granizo (Brady & Mack)
    1:50 PM PST on the Portuguese sever Geladeira (Cadence)
    August 27:
    7:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Aurora Boreal (Cadence)
    11:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Montanha Nevada (Brady & Mack)
    12:30 PM PST on the Portuguese sever Frapê (Cadence)
    August 28:
    5:00 AM PST on the Spanish sever Abracadabra (Brady & Mack)
    7:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Deu Branco (Cadence)
    11:00 AM PST on the Portuguese sever Montanha Nevada (Brady & Mack)
    1:30 PM PST on the Portuguese sever Neblina (Cadence)
    August 29:
    11:00 AM PST on the Spanish sever Fresca melodía (Brady & Mack)
    I hope this is help for you
    -Waddle On!
    Polo2112 (yours biggest fan!)

  2. so this is the real time. Are u sure. i hope so because me and my sister emily are looking for them and i think cadence gose into the dance club when she gose on a server. rockhopper is coming next mounth yay:-)

  3. So when it says “Saturday, August 24th, 2:30 AM PST on the server Alaska (McKenzie and Brady)” does that mean later tonight?

  4. Hmm wrong location trainman1405 :) Because NOW i am at Blizzard and no cadence found…. i know that it is not your fault. :D Thanks anyway i need Brady and Mckenzie only! And do you know who am i ? I am @Smoochielolo Remember? check your tweets! :D

  5. Train, I have 2 other meet ups from CP Support: Tuesday August 27th on server Mammoth at 2:30 am PST and Thursday August 29th on the server Big Foot at 2:30am PST!

  6. Ok sorry for the last time I did and I have meet up times from the blog (all are from Portuguese blog) :
    August 27 :
    7:00 am at Aurora Boreal – Cadence
    11:00 am at Montanha Nevada – Brady and McKenzie
    12:30 am at Frapê – Cadence
    August 28 :
    7:00 AM at Deu Branco – Cadence
    10:15 AM at Friaca – Brady and McKenzie
    1:30 PM at Neblina – Cadence

    Now this is from Spanish blog (cp) :
    Mack and Brady

    Date : August 28
    Time: 5:00 am (CP Standard Time)
    Server : Abracadabra

    Date : August 29
    Time : 11:00 am (CP Standard Time)
    Server : Fresca melodía

    Please check out these blogs and please translate them :

  7. hi trainman , i have seen ‘how to add anyone’ glitch but i can’t add any moderators because i don’t know how to type-“” (you can paste it but you cannot paste it in javascript console) .i instead typed -” . so can you tell me how to type-“” without paste-ing it??????????

  8. Cadence is coming mittens 3:00 pm pst english! Hope this helps. I cant personally go bcuz my mom wont let me do screens till 3:30. So I hope this helps someone!

  9. Call Cp at 888 861 4111 they gave me like 10 meetup times i really should of written it down but mckenzie and brady will be on tommorow morning

    • When you cancel membership, however much time you have left on it is when it ends, there’s no pausing/resuming.

  10. For some reason, Mack and Brady never show up at Big Momma’s for me. I wait for like half an hour for them to show up. Do they only show up on specific servers? Because I never see them on Sleet.

  11. Train! Do you remember the cheat that you can add any mascot to your friend list? DO you know what number Mack and Brady is?

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