Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Logoff Screen and Homepage

Club Penguin’s Star Wars Takeover does not start for a few weeks however they’re already preparing! When logging off you’ll see a new screen with Herbert (aka Darth Herbert) saying “Breathes Loudly” – lol, I see what you did there!


The homepage has been updated too, featuring the same logoff screen above and also this slide:


This party seems like it’s going to be pretty cool!

Thanks Flames2179 and FroBro98!

37 thoughts on “Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Logoff Screen and Homepage

    • yeah me too logan, me too. P.S. Why nobody likes Star Wars? Cuz i like it and i enjoy wathcing it but i not like like like it soo much so, who wnats can respond me to the question.(Dont say u dont like SF cuz i dont like it but the show is pretty cool before u say something about it watch it. Fulger is out!

      • A lot of people like Star Wars. It’s just that a lot of people (Including me) think Star Wars and Club Penguin do NOT go well together.

  1. Yep, if Herbert’s Darth Vader, we’re all gonna die… Unless we get cool light-sabers!!

  2. So wait… if Herbert is Vader and Cadence is Leia, dosen’t that mean Candence is Herbert’s DAUGHTER!?

  3. Train, I loved these pictures, also I laughed out loud when I see Herbert saying “Breathes Loudly”! Do you think the soundtrack of the movies like the “Imperial March” will be at the party? Anyway, Happy 4th of July!

  4. um herbert goingbto be mascot because hes getting a second chance of destroying the epf for this party the star wars takeover this month which that mean a another epf rebuild in throught the year

  5. sooo if cadence is leia and herbert the ugly bear is vader it means herbert´s son is cadence, thats weird

    • Romie even if Disney owned Hunger Games i doubt if they’l put Hunger Games on CP, cause HG has a kind of an aggressive plot, something not good for children under 7 years

  6. This party seems like fun. There will probably be a cool new party catalog.. I hope there are Ewok costumes for non-members, or something cute like that.. Also, since CP is doing so many parties based movies, I wish they would make a Hunger Games themed party in November, since thats when Catching Fire is coming out. But I know Disney doesn’t own HG, so oh well :’c

  7. No fair >:( Herbert gets a epic costume when i get monkey slaves and all… NVM and herbert gets to take over the world :(

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