New Elemental Pin Released – May 16, 2013

Club Penguin has released their new pin! As a result the Paper Lantern Pin is no longer at the Recycling Centre.¬†The new pin, the¬†Elemental Pin, can be found at the Hidden Lake. This is Club Penguin’s tenth pin of 2013. The last pin to be hidden at the Hidden Lake was the Dub-step Puffle Pin back in July 2012. As of this new pin a total of six pins have been hidden in this particular room.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.07.36 AM

How do you like the new pin? I like it a lot, and I’m glad the pin is smaller than usual in the room! Hopefully that continues.

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12 thoughts on “New Elemental Pin Released – May 16, 2013

  1. Cool pin!all the elements in 1 but the bug…any problem,I can wait for it to be fixed to get it!:D i’ll be a master of the elements.

  2. hey trainman I have a theory if we complete all the 3 elements a secret room opens when all the stones glow and because of that card-jist shadows happens let me know what you think of my theory.

      • That would be why they took so long with Card-Jistu Snow! They were working on Card-Jitsu Shadow!

        I also have another theory… :)

        Go to Card-Jistu Water, and look at the back of the Dojo, there is a small room, right? Anyway, my theory is after we defeat the Snow Army, Sensei will move his fat pengy butt from the platform he sits on, and a secret door leading there will open up! In the back of the Dojo there can be a new Ninja Catalog, more Gongs, Card-Jitsu Water, Fire, and Snow practice mats, and maybe in the future, Card-Jistu Shadow practice maps! But I like Mr. Shiver’s idea better. :P

        Waddle On, and be sure to wish Monchocho a happy 4 years! :D

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