May 11, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Spike Saturday is now over! Thanks to everyone who visited my igloo! That was a lot of fun. :D

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 5.35.53 PM

Happy Saturday! Can you believe we’re already 1/3 through May? I sure can’t! Anyway, Spike Hike has announced today’s big Spike Saturday meetup. It’s right now on the server Fog. I’m there for once!

If you’re going, see you there!

26 thoughts on “May 11, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

  1. Next iggy starts with T!! Its a special one! yes very special,that was amazing,what you feel when spike came to your igloo train,i cant belive that was like”WOW!spike is in train´s igloo”WOHOOO!when he said its a special one also I thought that could be your igloo and i came to your iglo

  2. Woah! I saw this, but I didn’t go to the server Fog. Though I just looked right now, and this is so cool! Spike Hike came to your igloo, and then POSTED about it? :O Also, can you send Joshua64885 a buddy request? :)

  3. Trainman can I have one of those mypenguin icons?
    If I can: Red with 4th anniversary hat
    PLz pLZ because I commented on the Field Friday on but you probably didn’t moderate it :(
    Plz can you do it I won’t be sad though.

  4. train,you should make a new blog of mech mice,i new its a hard work,but you have interest buzz,cpbugs and this!whow you can?

  5. Businesmoose’s igglo has turned to the default igloo and no longer has his little Business!

    If you post this please give me credit

  6. today sunday, my membership of the contest has expired, thanks again Trainman for that great experience of being a member ;) PD: My rainbow puffle stayed!!! :D

  7. theres been some weird stuff goin on around here. first the old directors message, and now the buddy list thingie. like i said, something funnys goin on around here.

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