Club Penguin Spoils New Marvel Superhero Takeover Costumes

In the new logoff screen Club Penguin has released, they’ve spoiled all(?) the new costumes members will be able to get! There’s a total of fourteen different costumes in the logoff screen image. Here it is:


I miss surprises…

The following page has been updated:

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Spoils New Marvel Superhero Takeover Costumes

  1. DO YOU CODE!? I need you to code me something if you do! WE CAN BE A TEAM. OH MAN PLEAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY ON

  2. On CP PT was so: “Novos Disfarçes para os assinantes”(New Difarces for members). Nothing to see Difarces!

  3. I really hate that CP ruins all the surprises! I want to imagine all the parties, the clothes and furnitures and don’t to know all of these from the start (Actually 2 weeks before a party)!!!! I just hate it!!!!!! Sigh…. Anyways, all of the costumes look very good :)

  4. I don’t think that is all of them, since I’m pretty sure Thor was confirmed to return and I don’t see him in the picture.

  5. All the costumes look fat this year >.<. I liked last year's Marvel Party better. Once this year's comes out, I'll make my final decision, but at the moment, 2012's was better -.-

  6. Oh yeah new iron man armour(the red is rescue and the silver is war machine dunno the blue)and iron spider from ultimate spider man and she hulk and skarr and mr marvel and odin and a-bomb and iron mans new armour and HHHHEEEEYYYYY the blue armour is like captain america……..

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