Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Login and Logoff Screens

Club Penguin won’t be updating for another few hours, however in the meantime they have released both a new login and log off screen for the Marvel Superhero Takeover! You can see robots and a mixture of new and old superhero and villain outfits. Check it out for yourself:

Login screen:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 8.05.39 PM

Logoff screen:


It looks like it’s going to be a really epic party!

Thanks Pen50gi and @TrainbeNews!

The following page has been updated:

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Login and Logoff Screens

  1. I will never understand why they continue to make outfits that give that penguins fists. THEY HAVE FLIPPERS, NO FINGERS! >.>

    • So the story of Gary and herbert….
      “IM’A YOUR PAPA!”
      “NO YOU NO MY PAPA!”
      “YES IM YO PAPA!”
      *Puts Gary In Cage* XD

  2. Yahoo!but this is suposed to be with the actualitations tonight,strange that they put this at this hour.

  3. Trainman you need to look at the pizza shop ASAP! It look tarible i don’t even want to take about it.:(

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