Aunt Arctic Meetup Times At Marvel Superhero Takeover (Now Over)

As I mentioned in my Marvel Superhero Takeover post, Aunt Arctic is waddling around the island. Here are some meetup times if you’re interested. She does have a new background. If you’re already her buddy on Club Penguin you can just go to her on your list, open her playercard, and click the receive gift icon. If not, you’ll have to find her yourself or go to one of the meetup times Club Penguin has given. Below are all the currently known meetup times. Every time is in PST, so check the clock tower at the Snow Forts if you’re not sure what time it is. For EST you add 3 hours to the PST times. For the UK (GMT) you add 8 hours to the PST times. For Central European Time (CET) you add 9 hours to the PST times. This post will be updated if and when more times are known.

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  1. Train train train!I saw iron man 3,the final was as a hour ago,its epic!there amazing batles ans awesome thing,moments of terror but is good,i went to the premiere day!

  2. Hey Train can you meet me on the sever Sleet Now ill Be in Town from 5:00-5:30 but if you cant make it now ill be on 6:00-6:30

  3. Train do you want to meet tomorrow.If you can you pick the time because I’m in England and I can’t convert PST into what time it is in USA

  4. train if your allowed and you want to can you say something about my website so I can get more viewers like you.It’s club penguin super help.wordpress

  5. How about Today at 7:00-8:30 P.M. SLEET or if you your on right now I’ll be on 8:00-8:30 and i’ll be in Town

  6. Okay I might not be home forgot that I’m going to a baseball game. I hope you can be on from 9:45-10:30 P.M. I’ll be on sleet

  7. Here’s some more meetup times:
    – Saturday 27th April:

    Server – Cloudy; Time – 11.00am PST
    Server – Alaska; Time – 2.00pm PST
    Server – Fog; Time – 6:30pm PST

    – Sunday 28th April:

    Server – Northern Lights; Time – 10.00am PST
    Server – Big Foot; Time – 2.00pm PST
    Server – Crystal; Time – 6:30pm PST

  8. Randomly, just a few minutes ago, Club Penguin kicked 50% of people from servers. For the first time ever, ALL SERVERS were 3- bars…

  9. Train here are some more meet-ups:
    April 27 2:00pm PST @ Alaska (English)
    April 27 6:30pm PST @ Fog (English)
    April 28 10:00am PST @ Northern Lights (English)
    April 28 2:00pm PST @ Bigfoot (English)
    April 28 6:30pm PST @ Crystal (English)
    Hope this helps for others to meet her!

  10. Ugh. Here we go again. Saraapril is being over dramatic again and is doing the “Marvel War Diary.”I HATE That! I lover her site, but when it comes to her complaining… Ugh… She gets VERY annoying sometimes- don’t you agree, Trainman? :) I would prefer your site over hers(sorry Saraapril if you’re reading this).

    • I personally do not have a problem with her writing, although I’m sure not that many people agree with her with the Marvel Party being a war – I personally think it’s fine and not a war at all, it’s just in innocent and fun party. After all, Club Penguin is rated as having “mild cartoon violence” anyway.

  11. train more meetup times for your blog

    Today: (April 28) 10:00am PST @ Northern Lights (English)

    Today: (April 28) 2:00pm PST @ Bigfoot (English)

    Today: (April 28) 6:30pm PST @ Crystal (English)

  12. Hey Train I have something important to tell you… If you wave with ONLY the amulet on you will dissapear… try it…. you will be amazed….

    • Lol I like how you went “:D” in the video when you got the money. The “I can hear you” part made me laugh too lol. Liked!

    • They were specially created for Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam in 2012. It was the last day of the party before I just managed to meet them.

  13. Okay Train lets start a plan so i can finally meet you after five days How about on friday night 8:30-10:00 Whatever is good for you, SLEET Town Just tell me your time when you will be able to go online.

  14. here some more meetups for aunt arctic here
    Tuesday April 30 Mammoth 5:30pm
    Wednesday May 1 Cozy 11:30am
    Wednesday May 1 Mittens 5:30 pm
    Thursday May 2 Alaska 8:30am
    Thursday May 2 Cozy 5:30pm

  15. Hi Train, I’ve found a bug. When you go to all decorated rooms you will get the Explorer stamp, but when you look in your stamp book, you will see that the Explorer stamp is not there at all.I hope that Club Penguin will fix this bug.

  16. servidor Português
    7 de Maio, Terça-Feira:
    Granizo, às 4:45 AM.
    Zero Grau, às 8:30 AM.
    Torta de Atum, às 10:00 AM.
    Avalanche, às 13:30 PM

  17. ITS PARTY TIME!!!!
    Server: Tundra
    Place: Soccer Stadium
    When: Friday May 24th 2013
    7 pm PST ( 4pm EST ) to 8 pm PST ( 5pm EST )
    Why: To celebrate Club Penguin sports! Show up in your soccer gear and get ready to play soccer! Then we will head over to the Dojo and celebrate Card-Jitsu! Lastly we will go to penguins igloos to see their sport themed igloos! See you there!
    – Jbenge

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