Aunt Arctic Confirmed To Be At Marvel Superhero Takeover

Many were wondering, and we now know! Polo Field has posted to Club Penguin’s official Twitter account that Aunt Arctic will be waddling around this month.

Chances are she will have a new background. What do you think, will she?

47 thoughts on “Aunt Arctic Confirmed To Be At Marvel Superhero Takeover

  1. This is cool. It would be awesome if they put a level in the party where you have a team up with Aunt Arctic to defeat The Mandarin (The guy in the profile pic for club penguin.)!

  2. Hey Train,
    I found a glitch in Card Jitsu Snow,
    Every time i play I Kill Frosty The Snowman!
    Tell them to Fix this Glitch,

  3. News of the spike saturday train?and what is WTB?can you add me with your second penguin?(the real have the list full :( ) whats your name?

  4. Train, I knew it! And second, who is this Mandarin dude? And lastly, CP added the old town to CJ Snow. You can see penguins there and penguins at the snow dojo. If you go to the Snow Forts or Dock, the room will load forever.

  5. what??? nooooo i thinked that jetpack guy finally was going to appear because of the newspaper, i already met the aunt in hollywood party, good look who didn’t

  6. TRAINMAN! BEFORE you start the beta card jitsu snow, there is an unknown room with a water and snow ninja statue. If you look look closely to the left you can see Sensei! At the top of the image you can see dojo-like windows. My guess: The dojo will be re-designed!!

  7. Bug! In the Penguin Style, look for the Brief Case, then look at the price tag. The number is too high up.

  8. Hey Trainman, I would like to ask a question. I’ve heard people saying that there is an old Town room in the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test and you can see other penguins, too. Well, I have no idea where that is, because when I log in, it is just me by myself if the Snow Dojo sketch. :\

  9. Polo Field is tweeting much more after you posted and he also said today that the snow beta hat will be available for a couple more days!!

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