On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 4

On the 4th of March there was an update in 2011. That update was a new penguin style for that month. The theme of the new clothes in the catalogue was Spring wear, as the Winter months were passing and the temperature (in the real world) was getting warmer. This catalogue featured some new custom t-shirts amongst other new items.



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22 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 4

  1. Train, can you visit my igloo on ‘Trainman1405’?
    You can get to it by visiting ‘Pinguiny’s’ igloo and using the like list. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. BLAH, remember that email someone send you train, saying that they wanted YOU to test things on Club Penguin? The exact same thing is happening on Space Heroes Universe. I bet these hackers want lots of *information.* My friend Adrian (from Space Heroes Universe) confirmed it was fake. Goody goody. I bet its going to happen to Fantage, Panfu, Animal Jam (Animal Jam = Dancing animals all over a vitrual forest), soooo, be careful WORLD :3

  3. ohh i have that bag and shoes from the cover! although i didnt get the shirst back then but i see it around and wish i had it lol

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