Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Sneak Peek Video

Club Penguin has just uploaded the Hollywood Party sneak peek video! Here it is – the party definitely looks awesome! I love the part where Businesmoose wakes up from his nap, I actually laughed out loud at it.

The Hollywood Party is definitely going to rock! Did you like the sneak peek video? I like that not too much was shown but we still know some stuff about what’s going on.

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Hollywood Party 2013 Sneak Peek Video

  1. i laughed out load while watching the Halloween party sneak peek when Businesmoose drinks coffee and remembers his meetup with Polo Field.

    • and btw, 0:21-0-28 is the Outer Space movie set, 0:29-0-36 is the Snow Forts, 0:36-0:47 is the special limo room, 0:45-0:49 is the Coffee Shop, 0:50-0:52 is the Clothes Shop ( ? ), 0:53-0:55 is the Pizza Place, ( I think we all know what 0:58-1:00 is ), 1:00-1:03 is idk, maybe the backstage limo room? And 1:04-1:11 is the Plaza. I hope I didnt spoil anything for you! :)

  2. omg this is gonna be epic! its gonna be like the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012! which was 1 of the best party yet! i hope this will be like this :D

    • Unfortunately I’m heading to bed right now since I’ve got a headache. I promise we’ll meet up soon though! What works for you?

  3. Hey :) I think CP is ripping us off because if u look closely when moose is dancing on his space ship, below it says “footage will not show in gameplay” some people maybe didn’t read it and when the party starts they’ll be kinda mad don’t ya think? It’s also Donna be kinda booring because it won’t fun just dancing infront of a greenscreen. Please reply! :)

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