On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 25

On the 25th of November there has been one update in Club Penguin History. That update was the releasement of Card-Jitsu water, the most recent Card-Jitsu game. It was released two years ago in 2010. When it was released stamps for that game and also Card-Jitsu Fire and the regular Card-Jitsu game were also released. Since then there has been no new Card-Jitsu games. Penguins are currently awaiting Card-Jitsu Snow and also more information about the shadow ninjas we first heard about in June 2011.

Card-Jitsu Water

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18 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 25

  1. I’m in that picture i think or it was the card jitsu party cause in the camercheil for card jujitsu party i was the brown penguin if those two black penguins or supossed to be brown then i was in that picture

  2. On 25th of November there was one carrot headed guy,with sunglasses,hoodie,necklace and shoes.He came to Club Penguin to stay.And his name is Kack,that todat completes 3 years in Club Penguin!;D

  3. I played every single day. The Monday after, I became a water ninja. Fastest I’ve ever been a ninja of any class (fire took a few months, regular took over six months :3). “It took me three days to become a water ninja…THREE DAYS!!”

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