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It's no secret that a lot of us dislike the hundreds of thousands of tweets that clog our Twitter timelines whenever a mascot is visiting the Club Penguin island. You could unfollow the person(s) to solve the problem, but what if you didn't want to? This is the solution we've all been waiting for. Add this script to your browser and 99% of all tracker updates will disappear from your timeline without you having to do a thing! Please note that from time to time it might hide a few non tracker spam tweets, but for the most part this script is accurate and will work as intended. To download this script, click here. (note: script has been retired). This script has been tested in Google Chrome only and cross browser compatibility is not guaranteed. If you want a version that displays when a tweet has been hidden, click here (note: script has been retired) to use the modified version from The Beatles.

To install in Google Chrome, right click the link above then click "save as" to download the script. Once you do that, navigate to chrome://extensions/ in the address bar. From there, drag and drop the file you downloaded. You'll get a popup asking if you want to add the file. Click add. It's then installed and you are good to go! if you have Twitter open you will need to refresh the page.

To install in Firefox, install the Greasemonkey addon and then click the script install link above.

If you are interested in installing this for another internet browser other than the ones listed above, check out this article.

If you find that the script incorrectly blocks something or is missing something, let us know! This script is only for Twitter web - that means the desktop website.

If you find any mascot tracking tweets that are not blocked, tweet me (@Trainman1405) links to them and I'll update the script to block as many more possible outputs as I can.

Please note that you have to manually remove and reinstall the script if I ever update it to block more tweets.



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