Club Penguin Code


Who Helped?

There are a few people I'd like to thank for their help with Club Penguin Code. Without them, parts of this website wouldn't be possible.

  • Pochoma123 for giving me the idea to make the Applause Button, which started it all. (and doing the word 'Code' in Club Penguin's font)

  • Cena12121 for giving me permission to use his Card-Jitsu element GIFs.

  • Happyblue128 for giving me permission to use his ghost GIFs.

  • Superjd10 for creating the since-retired URL shortener.

  • Tech163 for helping out on the hide mascot spam tweets script and porting code into Wordpress plugins.

  • Frosty Biite for creating the sidebar title image in the pre-built Atahualpa theme.

  • @mdo and @fat for creating the Bootstrap framework.

  • And of course Disney's Club Penguin for existing, as without that, none of this would have existed.

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All Club Penguin Code is written by Trainman1405 unless stated.

All graphics used are owned by Disney's Club Penguin. Used without permission.

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