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Atahualpa is a very common theme amongst Club Penguin Bloggers running a self hosted website. Many moons ago I created a guide on how to code it, however I have decided to offer a pre-built Club Penguin styled Atahualpa theme. It's very basic, but it's easily customizable and a lot of the work is already done for you - you'll just have to switch out graphics, change colors, etc to your own liking. There is a Google Adsense advertisement placed in the footer but that can be removed. If you need help picking out hex colours for your website, I recommend this website. Special thanks to Frosty Biite for making the sidebar title graphic in the theme!

Here is a quick glimpse at the theme:

You can click here for an HTML example of the homepage and you can click here for a single post HTML example. Interested in getting this prebuilt theme? To get it, click on this link (or right click and hit "save as" to download a .txt file). From there, go to your Wordpress admin panel, then Atahualpa theme options (you need the theme installed first), then go to "Export/Import Settings" towards the top of the options/settings page. Take the .txt file, copy its contents, then paste everything into the "Import Atahualpa settings file" box. Click the "Import Settings" button, and you're good to go! Please note that doing this will overwrite all previous theme settings. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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