More Returning Items – April 2011 Clothing Catalogue

Update: The Sunset Background will be returning too, most likely.

You remember how yesterday I made a post┬álisting some items that will soon be returning? I’ve got found out two more items that are returning. They’ll be in the April 2012 Penguin Style Clothing Catalogue. They are both backgrounds:

  • Desert Plane Background
  • Soda Beach Background

You know, these two backgrounds that were in last year’s April 2011 Clothing Catalogue.

As more information becomes available about next month’s clothing catalogue I will be sure to post about it.

9 thoughts on “More Returning Items – April 2011 Clothing Catalogue

  1. Ok , so the 2 bg will return, i hope they will not return the red propellor hat because its a little bit rare :D but i hope non members will get the box costume from last years apri fools party :)

    • I hope the red propellor hat will return so I can get, and other players who haven’t. It would be cool if nonmembers could get that too.

    • Well actually, I’m not sure, but I think the green propellor cap might be the rarest. I got mine at Festival Of Flight in 2009, I don’t remember if it returned or not, but I don’t think it did.
      And obviously, CP will update rookies background because in it there is a pile of ANVILS on the BEACH which as far as I know has nothing to do with April Fools.

  2. I hope that club penguin will keep updating the backrounds for famous penguins. Rockhopper’s backround has been the same for SEVEN months. It’s getting a bit old. Rookie is going to be at the April Fools Party so i hope they update his backorund.

  3. A puffle playzone, puffle costumes and a then the puffe resort from the sneak peek + club puffle = lots of fun :D and did anyone already found some free item information for the puffle party ?

  4. So most likely 3 old backgrounds will be back (those in picture) and one new background?

    I dont really like it, when I started late April 2011 Club Penguin, i were excited about all backgrounds but is this really this? They bring old backgrounds back, which are from 2011.. Is it too much to bring back OLD backgrounds from 2006-2007, like always 2 of those and 2 new backgrounds.. Not funny!

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