A New Mini Game Is Coming To This Month’s Future Party

As you may have already recently heard, this month’s party is a Future Party. If you didn’t know that yet then, well….surprise! =P Anyway, at this month’s party there will be a new mini game. This mini game will be available only at the party, so once the Future Party ends it will be gone…


The Spoiler Alert Episode 19: Futuristic Fashion Faux Pas

On Monday a new episode of The Spoiler Alert was released. This week Lilac Ren, Ninja, Polo Field, and Megg are the hosts. In this week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert they go over this week’s updates including the new clothing catalogue and stage play. There are also Extreme Reading and #WaddleOn segments amongst other…

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It’s Funny Hat Week!

Be sure to check out the Dock sometime between now and next Wednesday! There are five free hats for everyone plus a background too! if you click the camera!