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Access The Top of the Bakery Cheat

Just like the cheat to access Operation Blackout chapters early, you can access the top of the Bakery by clicking somewhere! When you’re waddling towards the door on the right, click right under the window with the treats on the left. It may take several tries but if you do it correctly, you’ll wind up…


Club Penguin Membership Pack

While it is rare I make an individual post about Club Penguin Merchandise and instead just add an image of it to my Club Penguin Merchandise page, this one I find to be noteworthy. It appears to be relatively new even if it has the old Club Penguin Logo. There is a Club Penguin Membership…

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Club Penguin Membership Deal: Buy 1 Month, Get 1 Free!

UPDATE: The deal is now taking place and Club Penguin has sent out an email about it. Thanks Azerty15! Starting tomorrow and ending the 24th of December, Club Penguin will be running a special limited time membership deal. If you buy one month of a Club Penguin Membership you will get a bonus month for free!…

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An Unimportant EPF Message From Gary

Gary has sent out a new EPF message! It’s nothing special, just holiday party and Coins For Change related. Here it is: It reads: Agents – divert your efforts to baking cookies! I’ve been studying them in great detail. They contain 124% your daily intake of magic! Thanks Happyblue128!


Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 20

Day 20 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Also, yesterday’s room was the Lighthouse – the photo is from the bottom left corner, right where the map touches the speaker. Tricky, I know! Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly! Even Businesmoose (the real one!)…


On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 20

On the 20th of December there have been two years containing updates. They are 2005 and 2010. In 2005 there was only a single update. That update was you could now access igloos from the Map on Club Penguin! There was now the igloo you could click on and view a list of open igloos…

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Rockhopper Has Docked at the Beach (with a new background and items!)

Rockhopper has arrived for the third and final time in 2012. He last visited in August for the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. Since Rockhopper visits for limited periods of time, be sure to get the stamps from Treasure Hunt! He has a new background. Here is his catalogue – there are no hidden items. It…