Chattabox From the Club Penguin Team on Aurora Right Now! (Now Over)

UPDATE: Chattabox has left. To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Chattabox from the Club Penguin Team is on the server Aurora right now! Heya, celebrate #SID2013 with me online on the server Aurora now! Remember to redeem your free virtual laptop -Chatta — Club Penguin (@clubpenguin) February 5, 2013 I’m watching the new Regular Show…


Card-Jitsu Snow To Have Villains

Last Monday Polo Field posted the special news about Card-Jitsu Snow beta testing, and he is back again today with another update. Card-Jitsu Snow will have villains! They’re snowmen, and obviously evil based on the image. (and the fact that they’re villains) Here is the sketch posted on the blog: Over the next few weeks…

February 4, 2013 Moose Monday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Moose Monday is now over. Happy Monday! As you’re probably aware, due to it being Monday it is the day Businesmoose holds his weekly Moose Monday meetup on Club Penguin.


Polo Field In VIP Penthouse Igloo and February 2013 Furniture Sneak Peek

I posted a sneak peek of the VIP Penthouse igloo the other day, but here is Polo Field in the VIP Penthouse igloo himself. In addition, we can guess what furniture will be available in the February 2013 Furniture Catalog. If I’m correct, the piano in the top right corner is unreleased. It also seems likely…