Club Penguin Awards Show Sneak Peek

The awards show start at the Stage this Thursday, and in the meantime Loustik005 has posted a sneak peek of the room on Club Penguin’s French Blog.


Club Penguin Discussion – Getting Party Items Tasks

The other day it was pointed out to me that compared to what it used to be, getting free items at parties is a lot more involved than it used to be. I didn’t totally notice this, I’ve just been one to get party items no matter what, but my friend that told me this…


Club Penguin Blog: Where’s The Snow Dojo?

Another day, another Card-Jitsu Snow post on Club Penguin’s Blog. This one is from Polo Field. He’s asking us where we think the Snow Dojo will be! Along with that he gave us the following sketch: I think it’ll be on Club Penguin! :P – The following page has been updated: Club Penguin Blog


February 17th Featured Igloos

Chattabox has posted a new round of featured igloos on the official game blog! They are all Chinese New Year inspired.