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Spike Hike Answers Your Questions

Just over a month ago I asked you to submit your questions for an interview with Spike Hike. It took a lot longer for me to go through the comments and send some of the questions to Spike Hike than I meant for it to, however as promised here is the interview with Spike Hike!


Spike Hike Talks About The Future Party That Never Happened

If you watched this week’s #Waddle on episode then you saw the Future Dome and got curious about that room. Not only that, but it matches the future dome I mentioned in a post in 2012. Not much is known about the Future Dome aside from what it looks like…until now!

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Club Penguin’s Mine Shack Room To Receive Small Update

If you look closely at the Gold Puffle video on Club Penguin’s homepage and also the Gold Puffle Game On commercial you will see that the Mine Shack room is different, meaning it will be updated on or around November 14th when the Gold Puffle is released.

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Club Penguin Disney Channel Game On Commercial: Gold Puffle

A new Club Penguin related Game On commercial is now airing on Disney Channel in the United States! This time Club Penguin has uploaded it to the web right away instead of a few weeks after it begins airing. (I don’t have to record it, yay! :P) This time Hallie talks about the Gold Puffle.


PH Visiting Club Penguin This Month

While some of us may have already been expecting PH to visit later this month since November is all about Puffles, Club Penguin has confirmed via their Twitter account that the island’s Puffle caretaker will indeed be visiting.