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View The Muppets Perform at the Stage!

Club Penguin had a bug earlier where you could not enter the Stage for the grand finale performance by the Muppets however this has now been fixed and you can enter the room! The Muppets perform every 15 minutes.

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Muppets World Tour: Day Eight With Pepe

Today the final task for the Muppets World Tour has been released. Today you need to fly to Mexico and meet Pepe so you can play the Maracas. Once you are in Mexico click on him. Members need to talk to him so they can get the Mexican Maracas. Press D so a partner can…

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Rockhopper Spotted In Telescope

Just like the Club Penguin Team mentioned in this week’s episode of The Spoiler Alert, Rockhopper is now on his way to Club Penguin. He will likely arrive within the next two weeks. What items do you think he is bringing with him this time? He is most likely bringing along his updated journal.