On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 2

On the second of January there were two updates in 2009, three updates on Club Penguin in 2010, and two in 2014. In 2009 a new pin and a new clothing catalogue released. In 2010 a new pin was released, fireworks were added to the Iceberg and Ski Hill to celebrate the new year, and…

Update Reminder

Club Penguin In 2014 Review

It’s been a rough year for Club Penguin. I think the best way I would summarise Club Penguin’s 2014 year would be that it was good on mobile and bad on the computer.


Club Penguin Blog: Best of 2014 – Favorite Party

Today Megg already asked us for our favourite items and music, and now she wants us to know our favourite party! Why’s it being rushed, why couldn’t they start asking us sooner rather than three times in a single day? :S


Club Penguin January 2015 Membership Benefits

December is nearly over so Club Penguin has updated their membership page listing what members can expect next month. The theme of next month on Club Penguin is Star Wars, so as you can guess from that all of the membership benefits will be Star Wars related.