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Club Penguin Sled Racer App Update Teaser Video

Club Penguin’s Sled Racer app on iOS will soon be receiving an update and also be released on Android. A release date still hasn’t been given, but the team did release a teaser video today along with a list of what’s going to be in the content update!

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The Club Penguin HQ – Part 3

Pup1one’s third and final video of the Club Penguin HQ is now out. This video focuses on the Club Penguin community and has some more fan questions answered by Polo Field.

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Club Penguin February 2015 Fan Art Video

Another new fan art video has been uploaded by Club Penguin, this time for the month of February. It features some of Club Penguin’s recent fan art submissions.

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Club Penguin Video: January 2015 Fan Art

This month Club Penguin made a video compiling some of the artwork they’ve received from fans throughout January. It was uploaded to YouTube and posted on the blog yesterday. As long as penguins keep submitting fan art they will continue to make videos featuring the drawings!


Disney Club Penguin Game On Commercial: Star Wars Rebels Takeover

An all new Game On commercial is airing on Disney Channel, except there is a new host this time instead of Hallie. It’s a new guy named Dylan. In the 60 second advertisement he gives a very brief rundown of the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, which ends next Wednesday.