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Riyita’s Interview With Chris and Gord – Part 1

Club Penguin player Riyita, who owns the blog Club Penguin Space, went on a trip to the Club Penguin HQ in Kelowna, Canada last month for his birthday. During his visit he interviewed Chris and Gord, two brothers who have worked at Club Penguin for years. Their job on Club Penguin is working at parties.

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Gary Meetup Times For 2015 Inside Out Party

Rockhopper is now done waddling around and has been replaced by Gary. In this post I will keep a list of all the official meetup times Club Penguin gives out so you have the opportunity to meet him during the Inside Out Party. Just like they did with Rockhopper, the Club Penguin Team has made…


Megg’s X-TREME Inside Out Party Walkthrough Video

If you can’t wait for the Inside Out Party, Megg has made an X-TREME walkthrough video spoiling the entire party! It’s sped up though, so you have to pay close attention to everything. Or just pause it throughout.

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Club Penguin June 2015 Featured Fan Art Video

On Friday the Club Penguin Team released their video featuring some of the fan art they received throughout the month of June. The main theme of last month’s artwork was the EPF.