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Exclusive Puffle Wild Video With Gameplay

Today V0rtex has sent me another exclusive. This time it is a promotional video for the upcoming Puffle Wild app. The video contains both a story about Puffles and gameplay.


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Commercial

Earlier this week Disney Channel began to air a Game On commercial with Hallie, the host, featuring Club Penguin’s upcoming Halloween Party. It look many hours of recording until I finally got a copy, but alas now I do! This post does contain many Halloween Party 2014 spoilers.

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Club Penguin Supports Bullying Prevention Month [Video]

Remember my post from last week about Club Penguin’s Be Heard page where you can unlock free items and they’ll donate real month to help support bullying prevention? Now a video has been made featuring Alex Angelo, the host of Radio Disney’s Saturday Night Party. Club Penguin is teaming up with him to both raise awareness and…

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Club Penguin Digital Short: Late For Work

To go along with the theme of the School & Skate party, Club Penguin made a digital short featuring skateboarding with the plot of being late for work. It’s been a while since Club Penguin last made a digital short, so it’s nice to see them doing one again.


Club Penguin School & Skate Party 2014 Sneak Peek Video

Megg made a neat and funny sneak peek video of the School & Skate Party that begins tomorrow! If you don’t want the party spoiled for you then don’t watch the video in this post. If curiosity killed the cat and you want to know, then keep reading…

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Club Penguin Sled Racer App Behind-the-Scenes Development Timelapse Video

A new video is out on Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel! This video is a time lapse showing how Sled Racer was developed, starting from the initial alpha and beta phases all the way to the final product, the version you are able to play. It’s pretty cool to see how far the game has come…