Club Penguin School & Skate Party 2014 Sneak Peek Video

Megg made a neat and funny sneak peek video of the School & Skate Party that begins tomorrow! If you don’t want the party spoiled for you then don’t watch the video in this post. If curiosity killed the cat and you want to know, then keep reading…

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Club Penguin Sled Racer App Behind-the-Scenes Development Timelapse Video

A new video is out on Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel! This video is a time lapse showing how Sled Racer was developed, starting from the initial alpha and beta phases all the way to the final product, the version you are able to play. It’s pretty cool to see how far the game has come…

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Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Music Video – In Summer

With the Frozen Party a week and a half away, Club Penguin has uploaded a one minute long music video of a Snowman Puffle singing In Summer, one of the songs from the movie Frozen. It’s a catchy song and there’s a cute Puffle in the video so I definitely recommend you check it out.…


Video: Elsa’s Performance at the 2014 Frozen Party

At the 2014 Frozen Party Elsa will be performing in her Ice Palace. Lolnok, who has been able to access the party on a mobile device before its official release, was kind enough to take the time to record a video of Elsa’s performance in the app.


Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Trailer

As a little advertisement/promo for the Frozen Party, Megg and Ninja threw together a short 30-second video to highlight features you can expect later this month when the party is released.