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My Little Pony Takeover Confirmed

Just kidding, it’s an advertisement made by Club Penguin talking about how nonmembers will be able to adopt the rainbow puffle on mobile for free later this month.

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Club Penguin April 2015 Fan Art Video

With April now having come and gone, Club Penguin has released their Fan Art video containing some of the submissions they received last month. A majority of the artwork is is Sled Racer themed, but there are plenty of other cool drawings in the video, too.

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Club Penguin Sled Racer App Update Teaser Video

Club Penguin’s Sled Racer app on iOS will soon be receiving an update and also be released on Android. A release date still hasn’t been given, but the team did release a teaser video today along with a list of what’s going to be in the content update!

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The Club Penguin HQ – Part 3

Pup1one’s third and final video of the Club Penguin HQ is now out. This video focuses on the Club Penguin community and has some more fan questions answered by Polo Field.