Puffle Party Free Items Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin’s Puffle Party starts tomorrow so Polo Field has posted some sneak peeks and information about the items that will be available at this year’s party!


Club Penguin To Have World Cup Party In June 2014

As you may have heard elsewhere, Spike Hike recently said that the World Cup is coming to Club Penguin in June. Some were doubtful of this so at today’s Spike Saturday he said it again: Club Penguin is having a World Cup related party in June!


Club Penguin Cat Puffle Sneak Peek

So far Club Penguin has officially teased the Dog Puffle but the Cat Puffle is totally confirmed if you still had any doubts on its existence I’ve got 100% confirmation thanks to a sneak peek from Club Penguin!


Muppets World Tour 2014 Party Room Sneak Peeks

The Mirror.co.uk website posted some sneak peeks of rooms decorated for the Muppets World Tour party that starts tonight. We’ve already seen glimpses of them in The Spoiler Alert, however these images show the full room.


Rockhopper’s Journal To Be Updated

Polo Field sent Megg a tweet containing a link to Dropbox, a file sharing website. He deleted the tweet a minute later, but before he did I managed to see the links contents. It looks like Rockhopper’s journal is going to be updated soon!