Club Penguin’s Renovated Ski Lodge Sneak Peek

In this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, PH announced her plans on giving the Ski Lodge a new look. Although Polo Field does not use Twitter much anymore just like the rest of the Club Penguin Team, he does pop on from time to time to tweet a thing or two. Today he…


Club Penguin Details Upcoming SoundStudio App

Last week the Club Penguin Times made mention that SoundStudio was going to be a mobile app soon, then yesterday Megg mentioned it on the Club Penguin Blog in her SoundStudio Party sneak peek. As a follow up today she made a post all about the upcoming iOS and Android app.


Club Penguin SoundStudio Party Coming This Month

We knew February’s party was going to be musical themed, but didn’t know the specific title of the part until now…this month’s party on Club Penguin will be a SoundStudio party! It’s going to be a combination of a Music Jam and Hollywood Party.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.23.01 PM

Cadence Coming Out With a New Song Soon, Sneak Peek Coming This Week

Soon Cadence will be releasing a new track and a sneak peek of said song will be out later this week, according to Polo Field. In a tweet earlier today he revealed a new song would be coming soon. He then hosted a meetup on Sleet shortly after the announcement, and during the meetup he…


Club Penguin Hollywood Musical Party Coming Next Month

Earlier today Polo Field was on Club Penguin (and speaking of Polo Field, where’s the new login page design he said was coming today?) and he revealed what next month’s party is before they announced it on the blog! Up until now we only knew that there was a music-themed party coming later this year. As it…