Club Penguin Operation Crustacean Spoilers and Exclusive Information

In case you haven’t heard yet, this month’s big event on Club Penguin is actually an EPF operation, titled Operation Crustacean. Even though the EPF isn’t a secret nowadays, it’s going to have a cover up: Extreme Paint Festival. In this post you’ll find images, sounds, and other party information, so if you don’t want things…


Sneak Peeks of Club Penguin’s November (and possibly December) 2015 Items

Club Penguin has just about 40 unreleased items in their files that we’ll be seeing next month, and possibly December, too. There’s backgrounds, pins, body items, head items, and more! Some are casual clothes, some are related to the holidays, and there’s even some moustaches! Read on, but be warned – spoilers ahead!


Spikey2007 Interviews Spike Hike: Biggest Change Ever Coming In 2016

Spikey2007 managed to interview Spike Hike in person at GamesBeat 2015 and shared it with the world last week! Spikey asked players to submit their questions for him to ask Spike Hike. Naturally penguins wanted to know about Club Penguin’s future plans relating to Project Super Secret and CP Next, so Spike Hike spilled the…


Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Party Room Sneak Peeks

As Megg revealed at the end of July, the 10th Anniversary will include different rooms on Club Penguin decorated throughout time from past parties. We voted for the Beach, Pizza Parlour, and Cove. Now, due to leaks, we know what the Dock and Forest are going to be decorated as.


LEAKED: Club Penguin’s Next Two Pins

Club Penguin uploaded the files for their next two pins even though they cannot be obtained in-game yet. Thanks to this “leak” we now know what the next two pins are and what they look like.