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Cadence Coming Out With a New Song Soon, Sneak Peek Coming This Week

Soon Cadence will be releasing a new track and a sneak peek of said song will be out later this week, according to Polo Field. In a tweet earlier today he revealed a new song would be coming soon. He then hosted a meetup on Sleet shortly after the announcement, and during the meetup he…


Club Penguin Hollywood Musical Party Coming Next Month

Earlier today Polo Field was on Club Penguin (and speaking of Polo Field, where’s the new login page design he said was coming today?) and he revealed what next month’s party is before they announced it on the blog! Up until now we only knew that there was a music-themed party coming later this year. As it…


Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Items Sneak Peek

The header image on Club Penguin’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles has been updated with sneak peek artwork of this month’s party, the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. It shows a few penguins in Star Wars Rebels gear, items we will likely see at the party.


Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Information

Several days ago I was sent some information about the upcoming Star Wars Rebels Takeover by Petros901 and Pen50gi. The information gives us a general idea of what to expect at the takeover party, which happens next month. This post does contain lots of spoilers so read on at your own risk!