Club Penguin Emailing Out Codes For The Matryoshka Doll Furniture Item

A lot of you are going to be bummed by this: the first 1,000 players who bought a Club Penguin Membership in Russian (or registered for the game? I’m not sure, I’m hearing mixed information…I also heard it was in Disney’s newsletter. I can’t confirm any of this) have received emails from Club Penguin containing…

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 2.22.20 PM

Unlock a Free Park Ranger Hat Item With This Code

Via the National Park Foundation, Club Penguin has released a new code you can redeem to unlock the Ranger Hat. This code will work between now and through the month of May, so redeem it while you can!


Club Penguin Preparing For the Holidays With New Winter Unlockables

Club Penguin seems to be getting ready to release some new codes to unlock winter themed items! I have no idea what they are so don’t ask me for the codes. UPDATE: Seems all of these (with the exception of the BFF Bracelet and the item Saraapril found) are from the new Club Penguin Magazine issue.…