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Zendaya Performing Replay On Club Penguin

Zendaya is now performing her hit song Replay on the Club Penguin Cruise Ship! Just like all of the other mascots she has an exclusive background you can collect too by clicking on her while she’s performing.

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New Girl Next Door Guitar and Here Comes Treble Items At 2014 Music Jam

The July 24th Music Jam items are now released! Everyone can get the Girl Next Door Guitar Item and members can get the Here Comes Treble t-shirt. As of writing this post the guitar is bugged and will not be added to your inventory. UPDATE: The bug is fixed and you can now obtain the item.

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Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 Cheats

The Music Jam, which is way better than a traffic jam, is now out! It’s time to set sail on Club Penguin’s cruise ship and sit back, relax, and soak up some tunes.