Update Reminder

Club Penguin Answers Your Most Asked App Questions

In an effort to answer some of everyone’s most asked questions questions regarding Club Penguin’s mobile app for iOS, today Polo Field from the Club Penguin Team made a post answering seven different questions.


Club Penguin Updates Website On Mobile

While this update actually happened a month and a half ago, I wanted to point out to everyone that Club Penguin updated their website on mobile devices with a much better look. It advertises the Club Penguin app and also has a menu in the top right corner with links to the blog and membership…


Club Penguin Updates The Snow Forts In The iOS App

At this point in time Club Penguin is unable to add parties to the rooms on their mobile app, meaning the Time Trekker is currently not at the Snow Forts on iOS. However, a little surprise update has been added to the room!


Club Penguin App Updated To Version 1.4.1

Today Club Penguin’s app has received a minor update, going from version 1.4 to version 1.4.1. There are no new features in this update, as I’m sure the app’s next big update won’t be for at least a few months.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.43.35 PM

Club Penguin Game On Commercial: Puffles

A new Game On commercial is now airing on Disney Channel so Club Penguin has uploaded it to their YouTube Channel and also posted it to their blog. In this segment Hallie, the host of Game On, talks about Puffles and the recently updated Club Penguin application.


Sneak Peek of the Club Penguin App on iPhone and iPod Touch

An update to Club Penguin’s app will soon be released to enable it to work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There is no set release date yet, although it will be coming within the next few weeks. In the meantime they posted a sneak peek of it running on the mobile device on their…

Club Penguin App Coming To iPhone and iPod Touch In a Few Weeks

Almost a month ago I reported that Club Penguin’s Android app will be taking longer than originally expected. I had no news about the iPhone and iPod Touch version at the time, but recently Spike Hike shared some information about the Club Penguin mobile app.