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Club Penguin App Updated To Version 1.5.3

Today Club Penguin’s iOS app has been updated to version 1.5.3, which is another minor update. This update contains the usual behind the scenes improvements to prepare for this month’s party, the Pirate Party. This update also removes the Halloween icon and reverts it back to the blue penguin.


The Final Level of Puffle Wild

Two days after Puffle Wild was released for iOS I have completed it. Either I’m really good at it, the game is easy, or I have no life. Probably the last one of the three.


Puffle Wild Room Update On Club Penguin App

On Club Penguin’s app, (not available on the desktop computer for whatever reason) if you go to the Dock or Beach, you will see glowing from Puffle Wild. What’s to come of it I don’t know, since you can’t even access the Ski Village or any type of wilderness from the app.

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Club Penguin App Coming To Android This Month

According to the Russian Disney website, Club Penguin will be coming to the Google Play app store for Android devices sometime this month, which makes sense because I’m sure Club Penguin wants to release it before the holidays when youngsters get their new electronics.

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Club Penguin Puffle Wild iOS App Gameplay

Puffle Wild for iOS should be out sometime soon. Today Club Penguin uploaded a brief 30 second video showing some gameplay and also has a voiceover talking about the app. For now the app will be iOS only but once Club Penguin brings their main app to Android I’m sure they will work to bring…


Club Penguin App Updated To Version 1.5.2

Today Disney has pushed a minor update to their Club Penguin app featuring some behind the scenes code changes and also a change to the app’s icon. This update brings the app to version 1.5.2.


New Puffle Wild Sneak Peek Image

I have obtained another cool image of Puffle Wild! This image is not of the app, but rather some sort of artwork that goes along with it.