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Minor Club Penguin Updates: Igloo Music, Telescope, and Postcards

Along with Club Penguin’s big updates this week such as a new pin and furniture and igloo catalogue there are also some more minor ones. This week the igloo music was updated, crabs have taken over Rockhopper’s ship, and last week the postcards were updated and I never posted about it.

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Minor Club Penguin Updates: Pirate Party 2014 Promotion and Pay Day

Along with all of Club Penguin’s other updates this week there have also been some minor and slightly noteworthy ones, specifically two. The bigger of the two would be all the advertisements for the upcoming Pirate Party, which begins November 20th and ends December 3rd. At the party we’ll be able to battle crabs for…

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Minor Club Penguin Updates: Postcards and Pay Day

Along with Club Penguin’s more important updates such as a new pin and updated clothing catalogue, there have also been two minor updates this week. First off Club Penguin updated the postcard catalogue again and second of all it was pay day on Monday.


Club Penguin Homepage Teases Puffles In Upcoming Club Penguin App update

Late last week Club Penguin added another homepage slide to their homepage. It advertises the upcoming Puffles update, which will be available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. I’m guessing it will be available next week when the Puffle Party and Puffle Park are released on Club Penguin.