Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic Meetup Times For June 2015

With the Festival of Snow happening next week, Aunt Arctic is currently waddling around the island. In this post I will keep track of all the official meetup times Club Penguin gives out. All the meetup times are PST, the time displayed on the clock tower at the Snow Forts. For EST add 3 hours…


Aunt Arctic Visiting This Month for the 2015 Festival of Snow

Remember how last month Megg said we can submit our drawings for ice sculptures that will be available in Club Penguin this month? It’s not a Snow Sculpture Showcase that Club Penguin is having – it’s a Festival of Snow! Not only that, but Aunt Arctic will be waddling around during the event.


Club Penguin Merry Walrus Meetup Times [Tracker]

Merry Walrus is waddling around the island! He has a free giveaway background if you meet him and you can also add him to your friend list. In this post I will be collecting all official meetup times Club Penguin gives out on their blog and social media, so check back to this post frequently…


Meet Merry Walrus on Club Penguin

Merry Walrus is making his first appearance on Club Penguin today! He will be on the server Fog at 12:30 PM PST. That’s 3:30 PM EST and 8:30 PM in the United Kingdom.