Quests Are Coming To Club Penguin’s Mobile App Next Month

In January of this year Club Penguin released a feature new players would see on the map: quests. Quests were made to help new penguins familiarise themselves with the island, such as finding the clothes shop and pet shop. Then in April 2014 Club Penguin made the quests button visible on the map for everyone,…


Club Penguin Cat Puffle Sneak Peek

So far Club Penguin has officially teased the Dog Puffle but the Cat Puffle is totally confirmed if you still had any doubts on its existence I’ve got 100% confirmation thanks to a sneak peek from Club Penguin!


Plaza and Puffle Hotel Coming To Club Penguin App

Last month I reported that Club Penguin would be adding a Puffle Park in the near future. The room has not yet been released, however it seems like Club Penguin is getting closer to its release date (maybe next month at the Puffle Party?) as they have added configuration files for the Plaza and Puffle…


Club Penguin To Add Park Room

Club Penguin is adding a park room to Club Penguin in the near future! It looks like it will be behind the Pet Shop and linked to the Forest, however I may be wrong on that. I do not know when the room will be released, however I do know that it will be available…