Club Penguin Merry Walrus 2014 Party Information

Club Penguin’s first ever Merry Walrus party starts next Thursday and I have some information on what’s going to be at the party. This post contains spoilers so read on at your own risk!


Puffle Homepage Design In Club Penguin App

From time to time Club Penguin updates the main screen of their iPad (and soon to be iPhone and iPod Touch) application with some decorations, such as for Halloween and Christmas. Because Puffles are a big topic in Club Penguin this month the team has made a special Puffle themed background for the app.

Club Penguin In 2013 Review

Today is the first day of 2014. Club Penguin has finished releasing everything they planned to for 2013 and are now ready to start releasing what they have planned for this year over the next 52 weeks. First off, what would you rate Club Penguin’s 2013 year? Did they do a good job with all…

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.59.23 PM

Club Penguin iBitz PowerKey Added To Merchandise Page

While I’m sure information will be posted on the blog within the next few days, the iBitz PowerKey has been added to Club Penguin’s products page! This device helps promote physical activity and in return you can unlock exclusive content in game!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.40.52 PM

Spike Hike Answers Your Questions

Just over a month ago I asked you to submit your questions for an interview with Spike Hike. It took a lot longer for me to go through the comments and send some of the questions to Spike Hike than I meant for it to, however as promised here is the interview with Spike Hike!


Celebrate 5 Years of Club Penguin In Portuguese With Gajotz!

October is a special month for Club Penguin. Not just because the 24th is their anniversary, but because the Portuguese version of Club Penguin was launched this month! Five years ago back in October 2008, on the 14th to be exact, a huge update was released allowing penguins to play in Portuguese. Later Spanish, French,…