Club Penguin Blog: August 2014 Party Announcement

Club Penguin has been hinting about a Frozen party for a few weeks now, however they have not officially announced it until today. Megg made a post on Club Penguin’s blog officially confirming that yes, the August 2014 party will indeed be a Frozen party.


Club Penguin You Decide: Halloween Party 2014 Costume

It may be July (okay, almost August) but with Halloween three months away Club Penguin is asking us for our input for the 2014 Halloween Party! Like I joked on Twitter, at this rate they may as well post a Christmas Party sneak peek soon. :D Anyway, the team wants us to decide which costume…


Club Penguin Blog: Magazine Issue 33 Sneak Peek

The 33rd issue of Club Penguin’s magazine will be out July 24th, so Daffodaily5 made a sneak peek post talking about it and also mentioned that it will come with a free one month membership!


July 14, 2014 Mod Monday (Now Over)

It’s time for another Mod Monday! As usual different Club Penguin Team members will be hanging out on multiple servers for a little while.