Penguin of the Week: Ice Rose8

Although Daffodaily has been trying to post the Penguin of the Week on Thursdays now, she slipped up this week and posted it on Friday. Oh well! The new penguin of the week is Ice Rose8.


Club Penguin Blog: UK Magazine – Ghost Stories!

Yesterday a new issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was released! (I should have a post about it within the next few days) The current issue is all about Halloween. Daffodaily5 made a post on Club Penguin’s blog to talk about it. Here is what she wrote:


Club Penguin Blog: New Puffles Coming!

Although many of us already know what the Puffles are and look like thanks to blog posts and hackers, today on the blog Megg has posted sneak peeks of the new Puffles that will be coming to the island soon.


Where on the Island: October 10, 2014 (Update: Winner Announced!)

Megg is doing a new game on the Club Penguin Blog, which she borrowed from Tato Maxx on the Spanish blog! It’s called “Where on the Island”. Basically a screenshot of a small piece of a room on Club Penguin is posted and you have to figure out where it’s from and you might win…


Penguin of the Week: Bubby008

This week’s Penguin of the Week has been posted! In case you have not yet heard, Daffodaily is now doing POTW on Thursdays. Anyway, this week’s featured penguin is Bubby008.