Penguin of the Week: Samantha3124

It’s Friiiiidaaayyyyy! :D It’s the end of the week and the start of the weekend, which means Daffodaily5 has announced this week’s Penguin of the Week on Club Penguin’s blog. This week’s featured penguin is Samantha3124.


Club Penguin Blog: Snowman Puffle

The Frozen Party starts on August 21st, so today Polo Field officially announced on the Club Penguin Blog that a Snowman Puffle will be available as a limited edition Puffle to members during the party.


Club Penguin Blog: Musical Chatta Chairs

As you may have been able to guess based on the title of this post, Chattabox has announced the details for her party on Club Penguin this week. This week’s theme is going to be musical chairs!